The Era of the Social Mini-Magazine- The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

One of the biggest advantages that blogging offered to Internet users was the ability to voice your thoughts, issues, feelings, and even showcase your talent. I remember around 10 years ago when blogging got really popular with individual users. Almost every expert who had some sort of presence online began to catch on to blogging […]

The way we spend our time with friends

I remember I had the cake smeared on my face for the first time ever on my birthday–I was invited by a friend of mine to her house. She and her husband brought a chocolate cake. I was accompanied by another friend of mine. My wife and my daughter was also with me.  They asked […]

Birthday parties of childhood days

I remember born and brought up in a country-side village—we used to celebrate my birthday on any given day. A day chosen by my parents because that day they could spare time and also prepare various kinds of food items etc. The major attraction was inviting a photographer who could take some pictures. This continued […]

Connecting with my mother after a yoga class in Bali

Bali is a nice place for a retreat during holidays and weekends. You can get your family to this fantastic location and make a great day for all. Once you are engaged in classes, they can also try out and see how much it can be useful to them. If they do not wish to […]

CHOICE Life Insurance’s Investshield Plan Creates A Revolutionary Stride

The newly launched linked insurance product called Investshield is one of the major breakthroughs in the insurance industry since it seeks to protect the immediate and distant financial needs of the subscribers. #Investshield is a kind of unique online linked plan meant for customers who wish to find a hassle free online policy buying convenience. […]

Svastha Yoga

The path to achieving your full potential

Svastha Yoga and Health is a series of classes, workshops and retreats hosted by Nina at two separate sites in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Australia) and Nusa Lembongan, Bali (Indonesia). The origins of Svastha In Sanskrit, the word svastha means a state of complete health and balance or being oneself or in one’s natural state: -kitta, a. […]


Google Algorithm Update: spirituality is the key

I was talking about general SEO with some of my colleagues when this idea of integrating spiritual concept with Google’s policy came to my mind. I know this title sounds weird but this is what I think Google has done in the past few years with algorithm updates through Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird etc. Google […]


A ghastly murder story and insane work of police

As a father of a 3-year old daughter, I can’t ever imagine such a thing happening to anybody even in the wildest of my imagination. The whole story of Aarushi murder case is such soul-jolting experience, but the justice is still far from served. Talvar, the film, sheds light on so many of the facts […]

How Yale Writers’ Conference helped me overcome my bias

Even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but a scholar can’t.   I remember hearing this wise-saying in one of the speeches delivered by somebody, and how true is that! Scholarship is great but it’s considered as the greatest hurdle to surrender–a quality that actually tests the depth of spirituality one […]

The Dance Bible

Dance your way to glory

Dance is a unique art form. It is among the few art forms where the art and artists are really one. A song can be enjoyed even if the singer is not there. A painting can be marvelled if the painter in not there. A poem can be read if the write is not present. […]

Why does Uber’s Digital Marketing Manager need to learn Hindi?

It’s clear that Uber is going through a rough patch, and unfortunately, nothing right is happening for them. Almost every week, there are some news about their drivers doing nasty things to or with women passengers. There have been a mixed response among the users about banning them after the rape case in Delhi registered […]


Is Paytm poised to lead the Indian ecommerce industry?

Indian ecommerce industry is booming. From the top five major players including Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong and Myntra (I don’t know the exact order here), a lot of category players have emerged in the recent past. Just count the names: Urbanladder, Pepperfry, Happily Unmarried, Chumbak, Lenskart, Healthkart, Firstcry, Babyoye, Zovi, Printvenue, Foodpanda, etc. A lot […]


Review of Facebook advertisement by Instapage and Outbrain

Facebook advertisement is a very lucrative and potentially fulfilling way of marketing–it has grown in humongous measure in the recent past. Big players and small publishers alike have used it to market their products and websites. The bane of marketers is the strategy with which a Facebook advertisement should be served to the audience. There […]

Facebook Vs Outbrain: Which is cheaper for Indian marketers?

So, I had tried my hand on Facebook advertising extensively and I was intrigued to try what Outbrain (venturing into Indian market through Facebook boost post itselt) has to offer to me. Without doubt, Facebook and Outbrain are two different advertising models. Facebook is more of advertising while Outbrain is more of content discovery. But […]

Startups don't worship false gods

Well, this is a contextual way of saying that in startup culture, you will not get office politics and false gods worshiped just to create an impression on you. In startups, a boss may be wrong. It is excellence that matters in startup culture and not legacy. I know about such a culture from a […]

Bathing in the shower of Mantras in Kauai Island

Imagine a beautiful wooden house amidst trees planted in rows on a mound, with wide ranches on its backside and the Pacific Sea on its left: this is what the setting of the retreat looked like. It’s like in one of the most remote, secluded and secret areas of the world, you suddenly find yourself […]

Museum Prado Madrid Paintings

Deemed as one of the most popularly thronged art galleries of the globe, Museum Prado Madrid is a feast to art lovers. The scintillating display of world’s stupendous artistic achievements classified under several categories makes this museum that a visitor to Madrid cannot miss out. Talking of paintings, the top highlights of the museum include […]

SEO writing is not about keywords anymore!

Well, you might already know a lot of SEO writing and also how it evolved with various changes in the algorithms of search engines, majorly Google, but there is a definite and sharp twist that has happened recently. Not many know about it and they still beat the drum about the same strategy: stuffing, sprinkling […]

Things you should do or know if visiting a foreign country

This post is inspired after my recent visit to the US. I found that as a traveler, there are certain things that come handy and useful. Some of them are just informational and some of them are skill-based. Let’s see what these might be: It’s better to know the temperature reading in Fahrenheit instead of […]

Visiting Puttaparti again–when you can’t see Sai Baba physically

It was in 2008 that I made my last sojourn to Puttaparti and could actually see Swami (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) walking around the devotees and people who had come there to have his darshan. He was already using the golf-carts, cars or the wheelchair to come to the Sai Kulwant Hall. So, it was […]

Visiting Dunagiri in Kumaon Range of Himalayas

A couple of weeks I visited Dunagiri (Dūnāgiri), which lies deep and high in the Kumaon range of Himalayas. It was a road trip from Delhi and we (My friend Sukhchain accompanied me) had to drive around 400 Km at a stretch. The drive was smooth till Haladwani but it became hilly after that and […]

Entrepreneurial nature of people of Kauai Island

A couple of months back, I visited Kaua’i Island in Hawai’i State of United States of America. For a common man, it is one of the dreams come true to visit USA, but people who are in software or IT field, they know that people travel to foreign countries almost every month. However, for me, […]

A comparison: Traveling in British Airways and American Airlines

In the month of June 2014, I did my first international travel. It was a very unique trip and the memories are surely going to last forever. I was traveling to Kauai Island through England. So my itinerary included 2 layovers–one at the Heathrow Airport, London (LHR), and other one at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). […]

Airport observations at Terminal 4, LAX (Los Angeles)

I recently visited Kaua’i Island in Hawai’i of the USA. While traveling from LAX to LIH, I had a layover of 22 hours. During this, I did some observation on the Terminal 4 of LAX. Here are some points for you. Saw a dwarf couple for the first time. People say thanks more than number […]

Visiting Agrasen ki Baoli in Connaught Place, Delhi

Ugrasen ki Baoli Baoli or Bowli or sometimes referred as Bavri is a open step-well built during ancient and medieval  times to serve the purpose of water for the populace living around it. This particular baoli, popularly and perhaps wrongly known as Ugrasen ki Baoli is located in the heart of Delhi adjacent to some […]