Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Wonderla, Bengaluru

Wonderla is a spacious and activity-filled amusement park popular amongst children, youngsters, and even elders who come to spend time with their families. I have never liked visiting such places but as my daughter wanted to visit it, I took her with my wife also—it is safe to say my opinion got changed just because of the experience the place offered. It was a comprehensible fun-filled experience for the whole family, and the time seemed short to enjoy all the activities. Right from water rides, swimming pools, daring and adrenaline-pumping swings, there are enough places for small children including a 5-D show, a haunted house, termite train rides, etc.

This article is intended to give you some suggestions to make it more enjoyable and worth your money.

  1. Though the official time of opening is 11, it is better to reach by 10 or even earlier so that you can finish parking your vehicle, buying the ticket, changing clothes, putting your stuff in the locker, etc., and have maximum time inside the campus of Wonderla.
  2. Regular services of BMTC buses and 3-wheelers are also available for plying people from various places to Wonderla, if you are not driving your car.
  3. Parking is free and offered on a complimentary basis to people who are bringing their cars. There are enough people to guide you in the parking area.
  4. There’s a complimentary ticket available for free if a child’s birthday falls in the month when you are visiting. You will need to buy an adult ticket, but the child’s ticket will be free. You will need to carry the Aadhar ID of the child—liked the hassle-free operations. You can pay through credit card, mobile payment, or cash.
  5. You can carry your own water bottles though drinking water is available at various places inside the premises of Wonderla.
  6. Food is also available inside—you can buy packages at the ticket counter or you can choose and eat right at the eateries inside.
  7. While going towards Wonderla, you will notice a lot of pawnshops erected by people from the surrounding areas who sell various items including 100% nylon clothes (necessary for all water rides and pools), floaters for children, swimming goggles, waterproof mobile phone cases, etc. The price is very affordable. However, my experience with the waterproof mobile phone case was bad—the water went inside when I used it in the swimming pool and spoiled the display of my phone. I was told if you buy the same cover from inside Wonderla, it will not fail. Not sure…it is better not to take the mobile phone into the water. Take photos and videos from above the water or outside the pools. Plenty of options to buy clothes and all the stuff mentioned are available inside Wonderla too. I didn’t check the prices but a lot of people bought it from inside too.
  8. 400 INR is charged for a locker where you can store your clothes, shoes, and all other stuff—300 INR is the charge, and 100 INR is refundable. This is a very good option and should be availed. A waterproof watch is given as a key which is quite handy.
  9. Water rides are truly fun for both children and adults. There are two pools—one dedicated to women and kids, while the other one can be used by anybody. There are lifeguards in all pools who will keep an eye on you and will whistle if they notice anything unusual. If you are feeling unwell, they will help you to seek medical attention too. Wave pool will mention when the next wave will be coming, and you can enjoy other pools and slides till then.
  10. There are cameramen who would take photos of previous moments of you taking a ride or spending time with your family in pools. They will give you a QR-code band which you can show at the exit and pay to take a printout of the cherished moments–I got one photo for which I paid 250 INR.

There are enough swings, rides, and slides available for all people to enjoy. You can choose which one you dare to enjoy. Some of them are really dangerous, and children and people with some medical issues are not allowed to ride them. Please, check the guidelines before riding.

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