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Business Names in Punjabi | Startup Names in Punjabi

A few years back, I wrote an article about company names in Sanskrit, shop names in Hindi etc. and it generated a lot of curiosity, search through Google and of course a good amount of traffic for my blog. Being a native Punjabi speaker, I thought of writing the same offer for people who are looking for company names in Punjabi or business names in Punjabi–it could be related to any type of business or even a startup. The idea is to incorporate some catchy name in the Punjabi language.

So, here is the offer–if you are looking to bounce off some ideas about the possibility of a name in Punjabi that you would like to use for your company, business, shop, startup or any venture, please feel free to write to us and we will reply.

For the ease of suggestions, please do write about the nature of business so that we could think on those lines.


Please note that the names that I suggest in the comments based on the queries posted by various users are in no way astrological. If you want to have a name that is astrologically correct for your business and success etc., please consult an astrologer. The names suggested here are purely on a random basis and I don’t guarantee any success based on that name. 

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  1. Looking for an online bookstore name. Collection of books would be of Punjabi and Gujarati language. Books for kids, teenagers and adults. Books related to literature, art and language.

    Please suggest something unique and catchy

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