Athirapally Falls

Visiting Athirapally Waterfalls near Kochi, Kerela

Considered as the largest waterfall of India, Athirapally (Athirappilly) is a great tourist destination if you are visiting Kochi or Thrissur. It is around 80 Km from Kochi. We were staying at Kochi Caprice hotel from where we too an auto to reach Vytilla Hub. We were told that there were no direct buses–so, we […]

Dutch Palace

Visiting the Jew Town in Kochi

The Jew Town is a unique place in Kochi. It is also called the Pardesi Town. I have heard about this place because of a music album produced by one of my friends, Ruth Hertz Weber. However, I had no idea what to expect. There are two major monuments for visitors who are visiting Kochi–the […]

Fort Koch Beach

Visiting Fort Kochi, Cochin, Kerela

Among all the South Indian states, I hadn’t visited Kerela thus far. Somehow, I never got the chance or plan working to visit this coastal part of India. Finally, Kochi became the destination for our family excursion in March. It was very hot (humid too) there as compared to the last days of the winter […]

Review of Hotel Kochi Caprice, Ernakulam, Kerela

While choosing a hotel to stay in Ernakulam, I had to search quite a bit because I had a family (3 kids, my wife, and me). There are not many staying options available for a mid-sized budget if you are looking for a family room. Staying in two separate rooms was out of question because […]

Goa – the most exciting Scuba Diving Location of India

Goa is one of the hotly pursued destinations in India for scuba diving. Reviews from diving enthusiasts highlight the inimitable advantages of Scuba in Goa. The most pleasant surrounding environment and the diverse kinds of coral and fish species underwater add more flavor to the already alluring scuba diving experience at Goa. A number of […]

Visiting Colombo and Kandy (Sri Lanka) for a holiday trip

My parents gave me wings and I made them fly. This was the main intention of this travel that I took with my parents. They had never traveled through air and I wanted to give them the experience of flying. Sri Lanka became our chosen destination because it offered international factor coupled with the fact that […]

Visiting Kotla Firoz Shah, Delhi

Firoz Shah Kotla is a beautiful place to visit if you are a history buff. The place is a delight because there are quite a few things that you can enjoy. First, of course, is the Ashoka’s pillar that was brought here in the 14th century. Second is the bats that you can locate underneath […]

Visiting Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi

I got the chance to visit this land of history when my wife visited her parents for 2 weeks and I was free to roam around on the weekends. Tughlaqabad is an often-heard name because of the railways engines that were manufactured there though I never came to know where the factory is located. But […]

Visiting Renuka Lake near Nahan–a good outing for one day trip

On 29th July, after planning it for 3-4 times, I finally visited Renuka Lake near Nahan in Sirmour Distt. of Himachal Pradesh. The time is not usually recommended for such visits but due to scarcity of rains, we did not have much problem in motoring uphill to some beautiful tops. We started from Nabha at […]

Visiting Moti Bagh Deer Park, Patiala

Patiala provides a small but good retreat for wild-life enthusiasts. Yes, if you are photography-lover too, you can still try this place called Deer park. It is also known as Moti Bagh Deer Park and was established in 1968 within the Bir Moti Bagh wild life sanctuary. It is situated on the Patiala-Dakala road near […]

Visiting Ooty–the queen of Nilgiri Hills

Visiting Ooty–the hill station of South India in Tamil Nadu It was for my honeymoon that I planned to visit Ooty, which is short for Ootacamund. The push for choosing this spot came from my spouse and I decided that I should fulfil her wish. The tour was not ideal due to weather conditions in […]

Visiting Morni Hills, Panchkula, Haryana

On May 29, 2010, I visited Morni Hills in Panchkula Distt. of Haryana state–it is hailed as the only hill station in Haryana and truly is worthy of visit. We, the team members of 2INDYA, have been thinking about visiting this place for quite a long time but till now could not make it; we […]

Visiting Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

On January 2nd 2009, I got the chance to visit Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. I had gone there earlier also but this time I had my camera with me and could click some photographs of ducks. Sukhna Lake is one of the most sought and visited places in Chandigarh as it offers a lot of […]

Visiting Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Gurgaon

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary or Sultanpur National Park is located in Gurgaon District, Haryana and I visited this wonderful place on 25th of December, 2009. I picked up my mobike and traveled 15 km to reach the spot. There is a ticket for parking, entrance and separate ticket charges if you have a digital or a […]

Visiting Old Fort, Delhi

On 19th of December, 2009, I ventured to visit the Old Fort, also known as Puratan Durg, Purana Qila in Delhi. The folklore associated to it made this visit a bit curious and exciting. I reached Karol Bagh from Gurgaon, then ITO area and then took a three-wheeler to the Old Fort. This fort lies […]

Visiting National Zoological Park, New Delhi

National Zoologoical Park, or Delhi Zoo as it is famously known as, was established in the year 1959. It lies adjacent to the Old Fort of Delhi, which is a protected monument by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Delhi Zoo is spread over an area of 214 acres and houses a number of animals and […]

Visiting Deer Park in Delhi

Deer Park in Delhi is situated at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. I visited this part a couple of weeks ago when I had to go to meet some artist who had put her art for an exhibition in the nearby gallery. I reached IIT, Delhi by bus and walked through the Rose Garden to […]