5 Places in Kuala Lumpur Not to be Missed by Families

Kuala Lumpur, the Capital city of Malaysia, attracts visitors from all over the world, and truly represents an optimal mixture of history, modernism, and the cosmopolitan culture that the millennial crowd loves to explore. Yet, it is one of the perfects gateways for a family vacation too. I recently planned a week’s trip to KL with my wife and daughter, and we had one of the best outings since my marriage. We loved every bit of it.

So, here are the recommended places for a family visit if you are in Kuala Lumpur:

Dark Caves (Near Batu Caves)

Dark Caves

You can’t miss being in the Batu Caves if you are in Kuala Lumpur but don’t even dare to miss taking the guided-tour while you are still 3/4 up the stairs of Batu Caves. It costs MYR 35 per person but it is worth every penny. One of the most adventurous things you would do on a family trip! You will go deep into the caves. like excavators, with helmets and keyring-style torches with close to 1 million bats screaming over your head.

Zoo Negara (National Zoo)

Though seeing the wild animals in their primary habitat is incomparable and more delightful, yet there are a few good points of zoos and zoological gardens, and the National Zoo or Zoo Negara is a good example of this fact. The variety of animals and birds is mind-blowing and it is a full-day trip if you want to enjoy going close to the enclosures of the animals and walk-through aviaries. Don’t take the battery-operated cabs inside the zoo because they won’t show you many enclosures and would just take a round of the place. The Panda Enclosure is a treat to watch (and they just had a baby panda born in the zoo!!!).

Vegetarian options are zero and it is better to keep some food options along with you. There’s an animal show too where the seal fish and few birds perform.

KLCC Aquaria

Though the admission ticket is a bit costly, this is a place to be. Situated in the KLCC Tower, the aquarium is a visual treat for children and the whole family as you see fishes, turtles, and even a shark fish so close. There are feeding shows at different times that you can enjoy when divers go inside the water and feed the fish. Worth every Ringgit that you spend.

Thean Hou Temple

A beautiful goddess temple with Chinese architecture is a treat to watch for visitors. In the main shrine, you can pay your obeisance and sit to meditate and just to soak the vibrations. The visual treat of the temple is a amazing. In the outer compound, there are statues of animals depicting the Chinese Zodiac and offer a nice place for photography. The temple also has an eating area where you can take snacks etc.

Petaling Street/Central Market

For shoppers, foodies, and families, these shopping places are a must because you can buy souvenirs and also do personal shopping to your heart’s content at very reasonable prices. For ladies’ cloth-shopping at Petaling Street, do visit LOST IN CHINATOWN. An amazing collection at a very reasonable price!

Central Market is a great hang-out for shoppers and foodies. Lots of shops at reasonable prices.

Apart from this, there are many other places to visit including the National Museum, Central Stadium, and many shopping malls etc. too. There are some gardens, parks and historical monuments too. I went to the Masjid Negara and it was a great experience.

While going with family to KL, do plan well if you are vegetarian because food choices and availability become limited. The temperature of the city remains usually hot and you will hardly need woolen clothes ever.

Rest, explore the city of cabs, metro, and walking and you will love it!

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