Sanskrit Names of Week Days

The Sanskrit names of week days in English, Sanskrit are given below in a list. So, if you want to know the names of days in Sanskrit or are just searching to find out what is Mangalwar in Sanskrit, Thursday in Sanskrit or Indu vasara in Sanskrit, this post will help you to know that. For the better understanding of our users who do not yet read the Devanagari script, we have also provided the Roman transliteration so that they could know the pronunciation of these weekdays in Sanskrit.

Feel free to post your comments or other suggestions as to how we can make these lists better and what other things you would like us to include.

Weekdays in Sanskrit–(वासराः)

English Names of WeekdaysSanskrit Names of Weekdays Transliteration

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  1. Please translate following sentences in sanskrit & kindly mail me :-
    Bhicaji cama is also known as Madam cama.She was an outstanding lady of great courage,feralessnes,integrity and passion for freedom.She was born on september 24th,1861 at mumbai.In 1905 madam Cama alongwith her friends designed the indias first tri colour flag with green,saffron and red strips bearing the immortal words Bande mataram.This flag was raiesd by madam Cama on august 22nd,1907 in Germany.


  2. Hello,

    This is to inform you that when I cross checked the sanskrit words for monda and tuesday, I found them totall different. I want to know which is the correct word.I refered google site and all the famous sanskrit dictionary…. Please verify the same

    1. Well, I will have to check because I never heard those names. Will clarify if I got something. Thanks for asking!

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