Is It Om or Aum

Is it Om or Aum or Oṁ–Understanding the structure and IAST system

This is a very confusing question because the whole internet is filled with different spellings of this word Om, and amusingly enough, all the spellings appear correct and pointing to the same thing. Yet, a popular search phrase on Google suggests that users are confused about the veracity of a particular spelling because they want to […]

Tryambakam Yajamahe–Mrytunjyaya Sanskrit Mantra with Svara Marks

Undoubtedly, one of the favorite mantras of whoever ventures into the path of Sanskrit, mantra, spirituality, and Indian philosophy, for it ensures immortality and liberation from the ephemeral world. It propitiates the ‘Death Winner’ aspect of Lord Shiva and is famously known as ‘Maha Mrytunjyaya’ Mantra. I have tried to provide both Sanskrit and English […]


Durga Gayatri Mantra in English and Sanskrit with Swara marks

We provide the English and Sanskrit text of Durga Gayatri mantra with swara marks in English provided for easy pronunciation and chanting. In this mantra, three names of goddess are propitiated, namely, Katyayani, Kanyakumari and Durga. Below is the English translation of this mantra with swara marks.    


Rudra Gayatri in Sanskrit and English with Swara Marks

Rudra Gayatri is a powerful mantra chanted in Sanskrit with intonation of sound to invoke the blessings of Lord Rudra, which is a form of Lord Shiva. In this mantra, the grandeur of Lord Rudra is mentioned and chanted.   Below is the English transliteration of this Sanskrit mantra with swara marks for easy pronunciation […]


Garuda Gayatri in Sanskrit and English with Swara marks

We present the Sanskrit and English version of Garuda Gayatri with Swara marks for easy pronunciation. Garuda is the king of birds and is the revered vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Garuda is believed to carry the people to Vishnu-loka after their death. Below is the English version of this mantra with swara marks.

Saraswati Stotra–Ya Kundendu Tushar Haan Dhawala

Due to the association of Goddess Saraswati with education and knowledge, this mantra is often recited in schools, colleges and various other educational institutions. A lot of kids would know this mantra by rote, though they may not understand the full meaning of this mantra. We present both the Sanskrit and English texts of this […]


Hamsa Gayatri in Sanskrit and English with Svara Marks

We present the Sanskrit and English version of Hamsa Gayatri. Very interestingly, due to negligence and also trendy spelling styles used in various local languages including Hindi, a lot of people pronounce this word as Hansa, just like Samskrit is pronounced as Sanskrit. However, the correct pronunciation is Haṁsa. Below is the English transliteration of this […]


Ganesh Gayatri–Mantra for Lord Ganesha in Sanskrit and English

Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganapati–the leader or the head of the Gana (which simply means a team). As per the legend, he is worshiped before starting any work or undertaking any task. There is a popular saying in Hindi and various regional languages of India conveying this belief contextually–whenever somebody has to start […]

Sanskrit Mantra with English transliteration and Svara marks

Sahanavavatu Mantra This mantra is considered as one of the main Shanti Mantras in the Vedic texts and is quite popular and famous among the masses. I have seen and heard a lot of foreigners also picking this mantra and reciting it with completely correct pronunciation. A lot of people use this mantra as the […]

Vedic Sanskrit Mantra in English Transliteration form with Swara marks

This is an amazing mantra having the latent beauty of Mathematics in it. It says: “This is complete; that is complete; from complete comes complete. When we take complete from complete, only complete remains” Mathematically, it is infinity, which is of course another name of God! Pronunciation Guide and things to take care of: