Shanti Mantra With Svara Marks in Sanskrit and English Transliteration

Shanti Mantra–Tacchamyora Vrinimahe

Shanti mantras are chanted in the Sanskrit language quite regularly when it comes to Vedic chanting or even chanting other Slokas and Sutras.

There are various Shanti mantras found in the texts and they may vary from being small to very elaborate one.

In this post, we are providing a Shanti mantra with Svara marks in both Sanskrit and English transliteration so that users could understand the intonations while trying to learn and pronounce the words correctly. You will notice that apart from the IAST symbols, the English transliteration also carries the Udata, Anudata, and Svarit Svara marks.

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Shanti Mantra--Tacchamyora Vrinimahe Gatum


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  1. Prof. Dr. Patel B D

    the Mantras with swara are very to find in web and you are doing a great job, I want to download few of the mantras which are commonly used and that too in Devanagiri lipi I am a Medical Practitioner

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