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How to say in Punjabi I love you

I remember I was sitting in Kaua’i when somebody asked me: ‘How do you say “I love you” in Punjabi?’ I was kind of confused because we don’t say it–most of the youngsters use the English expression itself. If I am true, I have never heard anybody saying to someone ‘I love you’ in Punjabi …

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How to say in Punjabi I am fine

How to say in Punjabi I am fine

‘I am fine’ is a common phrase used in almost universally in conversations using various expressions of different languages. When it comes to Punjabi, there are two expressions that can convey the same meaning. We will be providing both the version: One is literal meaning while the other one is more conversational and commonly used …

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How to say words in Punjabi

I know a lot of people who don’t know how to say some particular words in Punjabi, though they might be using the language in listening or reading and sometimes in one-sided conversation also. For such people, I have prepared a list of particularly popular words that people would like to know how to say …

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