How to say see you later in Punjabi

How to say see you later in Punjabi

It’s easy to learn how to say see you later in Punjabi. However, you need to understand that contextually, it might also mean ‘see you again’. However, we need to know that actually this Punjabi phrase means a different thing.

I was checking the Google translation for this also and they have also given the wrong meaning–they have provided the meaning for ‘see you again’.

In conversational Punjabi, you may use the same expression but if you are learning Punjabi on a serious note, you need to know the subtle difference between these two phrases.

How to say see you later in Punjabi


Once again, just notice that while talking in Punjabi, there might be a little or no difference between the phrases “See you later” and “See you again”, but if deeper meaning is to be understood, we need to know the difference.

I have tried to provide the exact and literal translation of “see you later” in Punjabi, and I hope that it will be helpful for you.

Let me know if you need to ask anything related to its pronunciation or the individual meanings of the words.

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