Vivek Kumar

Vivek comes from a background of content, social media, and marketing strategy. He has worked in one of the largest media houses in the world, and also in early startups. He is a full-time consultant advising and executing content and marketing strategies for his clients. His interests include helping small businesses grow, startup marketing strategies, content marketing, and blogging. He finds great solace in singing, listening to classical instrumental music, reading poetry, travel, and photography.

How to say know thyself in Sanskrit

How to Say Know Thyself in Sanskrit

A beautiful phrase ‘Know Thyself’ is used for many purposes including books titles, creative art captions, and even on internet memes. Apart from the simple meaning, there is a deeper significance to this phrase because it is spiritually so elevating–a person, who has come to know the true self, has come to know God. In …

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Indian Millennials

5 Habits of Older Generations Indian Millennials Find Relevant Even in Modern Times

The adage ‘Old is Gold’ makes its presence felt almost every decade–the application area, walk of life, industry, or the contextual experience in which it is acknowledged as relevant may differ, but the essence remains the same. The wisdom, the habits, the practices and the lifestyle that the older generations had, had some deeper significance …

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Hindi Poem on Cleanliness for Class 1

Cleanliness is considered godliness, and without doubt, children should be made aware of keeping themselves and their environment clean right from an early stage. With the increasing number of diseases that spread from polluted water, air, and the whole environment, it is our duty to make our children conscious of the miserable state of our …

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How to Say My Name Is in Sanskrit

When you meet somebody or want to introduce yourself through a letter, a text message on mobile phone, or through a letter, you let the other person know about your name. The simple English phrase used for that expression is ‘My Name Is …’. Very similarly, in the Sanskrit language, a very simple phrase can …

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Long English Poem for Class 11

India is a country of rich culture, history, and tradition, and hosts one of the earliest civilizations of the world. There are endless tales and stories that you can know about this country, and at the same time, it inspires you to create more art in various forms. One of the reasons for me writing …

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