Gaming On A Budget–Few gadgets that you can choose

The gaming zone of today brings together people of all ages for an involved and sophisticated entertainment. The plethora of games you can find under any category makes it easy for people to get something for every taste and expectation. The sophisticated technology underlying games does not mean gaming cannot be affordable. With a stiff […]


Real to Reel – MS Dhoni’s #No1Yaari story

Friendship (#No1Yaari) is one of the most precious gifts of life. Stemming from unconditional acceptance of the participating partners, true friendship overcomes all the hurdles on the way and stays afresh after years and years. In an attempt to celebrate the bond facilitated by true friendship, McDowell’s No1 Soda has created a heart touching video […]

If Best B’wood films were made by Ekta Kapoor

Bollywood spices to amuse us: The perennial supplies of Bollywood can amuse the masses for eternity since there is something for every taste and expectations. With too many chefs (directors) and a plenitude of ingredients (actors), the delicious recipes (movies) that Bollywood makes are endless and appease the taste buds (sentiments) of the audience. Getting […]

5 Films of Rishi Kapoor that changed plot with an accident

Rishi Kapoor: The King of Accidents Rishi Kapoor, in his younger years, was one of the heart throbs of many damsels and also liked by people who noticed his particular style of delivering confused dialogues. Let’s quickly talk about 5 movies in which a fatal car accident or some type of crash totally changed the […]