Real to Reel – MS Dhoni’s #No1Yaari story

Friendship (#No1Yaari) is one of the most precious gifts of life. Stemming from unconditional acceptance of the participating partners, true friendship overcomes all the hurdles on the way and stays afresh after years and years. In an attempt to celebrate the bond facilitated by true friendship, McDowell’s No1 Soda has created a heart touching video on MS Dhoni’s yaari with his childhood friends.

This three minute long video captures a moment when MS Dhoni gets to visit two of his childhood friends in the pretext of participating in a family event. Meeting after several long years, the moments they share bring out the intimacy they always enjoyed and never lacked due to physical separation.


Friendship does not know how to hide something and is built on mutual trust and transparency. It does not go by social and financial status and the differences forged on each individual by the hands of life. Physical appearances change, people face ups and downs in lives and happiness and sorrows haunt their journey. However, the strong bond gifted by true friendship manages to last for long without being eroded by times and situations. This is best highlighted by the short film more in sentiments than in words. This is because in true friendship, there is much to experience in the innermost hearts than to speak out.

The film has facilitated the viewers to have a glimpse of Dhoni’s yaari that has transcended the test of time and stood afresh even after a long gap of meeting. The trio we find in the video have been always together since their childhood supporting each other in the journeys of their lives.

DDB Mudra, the maker of the video has ably presented the memories of their childhood and the reminiscences of their early days of friendship through photographs, an amateur kind of funny cricket game employing storage tins as wickets, the pranks they attempt on each other and the jokes they indulge in.

The presentation is so casual and natural that there is nothing artificial about it. Commenting on the video, MS Dhoni said they had always cherished their friendship all along their lives and though they could not meet up so often, they had always been able to catch up from where they had left. Dhoni adds saying that while lot more had changed in their lives, their yaari had always remained and the video by McDowell’s No1 Soda has made them cherish their yaari even more.


Contestants can comment on the below FB video by tagging their 2 yaars to stand a chance to meet Dhoni with his 2 yaars. Link to the video for participating in the contest:

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