How to say Happy Marriage Anniversary in Sanskrit

Celebrating a marriage anniversary is a great feeling and being able to enjoy the occasion fills you with bliss and contentment. It is also a perfect time for friends and family members to show their love and care by gifting the couple and greeting them with some joyous wishes. A greeting card with a personal […]

How to say Happy Journey in Sanskrit

Traveling is one of the most liked activities that youngsters and millennials engage in nowadays. It’s always good to say happy journey to them by presenting a small gift or just showing your love and care through a simple message. The warmth of your feelings would anyway comfort them. So, if you are looking to […]

How to say Happy Teacher’s Day in Sanskrit

In India, a teacher is regarded as the very embodiment of God. Since ancient times, the teacher is placed at the highest pedestal of reverence, and the practice has continued in the modern times, though many believe that the quality of teachers has diluted and there are hardly a handful of teachers that are worthy […]

How to say Happy Diwali in Sanskrit

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated across the country with much fervor. It is also known as the ‘festival of lights’ across the globe. Another name that is given to this festival is Dipawali or Deepavali, which is actually the real name because it means a series of lights. So, whether […]

How to say Happy Birthday in Sanskrit

When it comes to saying happy birthday in any language, you will notice that the actual words of the congratulatory phrase would differ from the English version. This is true in the case of Sanskrit language too. So, to cover almost all the possible versions, we are providing you three Sanskrit phrases in which you […]

How to say Happy New Year in Sanskrit

The near year is celebrated every year on the 1st of January according to the solar calendar–in India too, everybody celebrates this day as the new year day, though the lunar calendar is deep-rooted in the Indian psyche and many of our festivals fall on the dates determined by that only. Like any phrase that […]

How to say Merry Christmas in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a wonderful language for the modern world too though a lot of people are misinformed that it is suitable only for scriptures and has no practical use in the era of science and technology. Well, if you are one of those unfortunate and ignorant people, please let me tell you that Sanskrit is […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Family Is My Life; God Is My Judge

It seems to be a popular phrase among Sanskrit tattoo aficionados, as I have got two users who approached me to get the Sanskrit translation done for this phrase. However, one of them needed the first part only, while the other needed the full phrase. As you would know that getting a Sanskrit tattoo translation […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase It Is All Part Of The Process

Getting inked is a wonderful feeling–many people believe that it is a modern fad, but contrary to the popular notion, getting a tattoo is an ancient practice. In fact, there was a time in the recent past when it was denounced as a fashion gimmick, but recently it has picked its popularity among the young […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Love Yourself First

A few months back, a user of my website contacted me to get a Sanskrit tattoo translation done for the phrase of his choice: Love yourself first. This is a very popular phrase among many users–I have noticed it used among many new-age practitioners of yoga, music etc. However, it was not easy getting the […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Remember Who You Are

Getting a Sanskrit tattoo translation online is never an easy task given the fact that the authenticity of the translation provided by most of the websites remains questionable. I have come in contact with many users who ordered a Sanskrit tattoo translation from some online resources but the translation provided was faulty or completely wrong. […]

5 Sanskrit Sentences and Translation in English

Riding on the popularity of the compilations of Sanskrit sentences and their meanings, we bring another installment that can be used to enhance the understand and context of the Sanskrit language. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, you can write to through both the comment options including WordPress and Facebook comments. All the […]

5 Sanskrit Sentences With Their English Meanings

We are back with another installment of Sanskrit sentences and their meanings compiled from the works on Varalakshmi Kandregula. We hope that you are able to learn some new Sanskrit words and their meanings–sometimes used contextually–so that you can use them wherever you feel appropriate. Feel free to let us know if you have any […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Phrsae You are Only Dead When You are Forgotten

Sanskrit tattoos have crossed the geographical boundaries of the Indian sub-continent as people from all over the world love to have Sanskrit tattoos translated and inked. I have myself provided these services to more than 500 clients. The phrase they choose and ask me to translate–later on, once I deliver the image file, they get […]

5 Wonderful Sanskrit Sentences and Their Meanings

We bring you a new compilation of Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings. As always, we are thankful to the person who provides translations for the same–Varalakshmi Kandregula. Our main motive behind these compilations is to bring you to the diversity of Sanskrit language and also to understand how various Sanskrit words can be used […]

Five Sanskrit Sentences With English Meanings

Continuing our series of providing Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings, we bring another compilation of five such sentences with their English translation. In one of those sentences, we have provided two options with which this sentence can be conveyed in the Sanskrit language. The main objective of this compilation is to provide a better understanding […]

Five Interesting Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

Given the huge success that we experienced with our earlier installments of Sanskrit sentences and the English translation, we are back with another compilation of these sentences. The basic concept about these sentences is to provide a better understanding of Sanskrit language and grammar usage of various Sanskrit words. We hope that our readers are benefitted […]

Sanskrit Poem Translated from an English Poem

Sanskrit poetry is full of texture, technical beauty, grandeur and every element that a human mind can explore. Being illiterate in this beautiful language, it is impossible for me to write any verses; however, I was blessed when one of my Facebook Friend, Varalakshmi Kandregula, translated one of the poems that I wrote in Sanskrit […]

Inspiring Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

We are back with a bunch of inspiring Sanskrit sentences translated from English so that our readers can get a better grip over the Sanskrit language. While compiling these sentences, I have noticed that translation sometimes provides a contextual meaning and the strictly literal meaning may not be offered. But that’s how we get to […]

Inspirational Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing our series of bringing some Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings, we present the next set. We try to select positive and inspirational Sanskrit sentences so that users could find it useful and practical for their daily use. The main reason behind providing these sentences is to get the users accustomed with the variations […]

Some Important Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

Continuing our series of bringing Sanskrit translated sentences to you from day-to-day life and integrating the understanding of Sanskrit language through these translations, we present another set to you. As you will notice, some of the sentences are contextually translated and may not be the exact translation of their English version. Hopefully, this series is […]

Some Useful Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing with our series of providing useful Sanskrit words and sentences that the learners of Sanskrit language could use to further their understanding of the language. We are providing the English meanings also, but please be warned that these may not be the literal or exact translations because due to the literal meanings of the […]

Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English

Continuing our series of providing Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English, we bring another compilation of nice sayings and positive words. As always, our main motive is to provide a variety of Sanskrit words and scenarios so that readers could exercise their knowledge of the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English: […]

Positive Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation and Meaning

Continuing our series with collecting and curating some Sanskrit sentences along with their meaning and translation in English for positive thinking, we bring you another scoop. This series is solely intended to increase the understanding of Sanskrit language to make the reader practice with reading and learning Sanskrit. Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation: ते भाग्यवन्तः […]

Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation

Sanskrit Sentences with English Translations and Meanings

We provide a collection of some Sanskrit sentences with English translations and meanings. These sentences are quite popular on the internet and the social media, but getting them in Sanskrit is quite cool and helps in understanding the language better. We hope that you learn something from these sentences and continue your journey of learning the Sanskrit language. […]