Quarantine Meaning in Sanskrit Language

Quarantine meaning in Sanskrit is quite understandable from the contextual point of view. There are three options that we can use when we have to use the meaning of quarantine in Sanskrit:

चत्वारिंशद्दिनपर्यन्तं गमनागमननिषेधः

चत्वारिंशद्दिनपर्यन्तं संसर्गनिषेधः

चत्वारिंशद्दिवसपर्यन्तं गमनागमनावरोधः

If you have to remove the condition or original concept of fourteen days from the word and want to use the quick reference, you can go for the second word of all the options. So, if you are looking to know the meaning of quarantine in Sanskrit, you can say:

गमनागमननिषेधः (​​Gamanāgamananiṣedhaḥ) = prohibition on coming and going

संसर्गनिषेधः (​Saṃsarganiṣedhaḥ) = prohibition on touch or connecting

गमनागमनावरोधः (​Gamanāgamanāvarodhaḥ) = blockage to coming and going

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