Five Sanskrit Sentences With English Meanings

Continuing our series of providing Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings, we bring another compilation of five such sentences with their English translation. In one of those sentences, we have provided two options with which this sentence can be conveyed in the Sanskrit language. The main objective of this compilation is to provide a better understanding […]

CD Review of FLOW By Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster, and Will Ackerman

Very rarely you come across an album that carries a major contribution from multiple artists fused together so beautifully that you start wondering which artist you are listening to. In Fluid Dynamics, this is the true property of a ‘laminar flow’. –When different layers of a flow move together without any disruption or turbulence from […]

Five Interesting Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

Given the huge success that we experienced with our earlier installments of Sanskrit sentences and the English translation, we are back with another compilation of these sentences. The basic concept about these sentences is to provide a better understanding of Sanskrit language and grammar usage of various Sanskrit words. We hope that our readers are benefitted […]

Sanskrit Poem Translated from an English Poem

Sanskrit poetry is full of texture, technical beauty, grandeur and every element that a human mind can explore. Being illiterate in this beautiful language, it is impossible for me to write any verses; however, I was blessed when one of my Facebook Friend, Varalakshmi Kandregula, translated one of the poems that I wrote in Sanskrit […]

Inspiring Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

We are back with a bunch of inspiring Sanskrit sentences translated from English so that our readers can get a better grip over the Sanskrit language. While compiling these sentences, I have noticed that translation sometimes provides a contextual meaning and the strictly literal meaning may not be offered. But that’s how we get to […]

Sanskrit Names of Modern Day Daily Items

Any reader or user, who is interested in learning Sanskrit language or already have some primary knowledge, love to know the Sanskrit names of daily items users by everybody in the modern context. Some of these items are hard to find in Sanskrit literature, and therefore the Sanskrit names of such items are hardly available even […]

Inspirational Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing our series of bringing some Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings, we present the next set. We try to select positive and inspirational Sanskrit sentences so that users could find it useful and practical for their daily use. The main reason behind providing these sentences is to get the users accustomed with the variations […]

Some Important Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

Continuing our series of bringing Sanskrit translated sentences to you from day-to-day life and integrating the understanding of Sanskrit language through these translations, we present another set to you. As you will notice, some of the sentences are contextually translated and may not be the exact translation of their English version. Hopefully, this series is […]

Some Useful Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing with our series of providing useful Sanskrit words and sentences that the learners of Sanskrit language could use to further their understanding of the language. We are providing the English meanings also, but please be warned that these may not be the literal or exact translations because due to the literal meanings of the […]

Dry Fruit Names in Hindi and English

Hindi Names of Dry Fruits Getting to know the Hindi names of dry fruits is an interesting subject because due to popular English words used in day-to-day language, a lot of Hindi words are almost lost from the conversation. If you ask some schoolgoers, you may notice that many of them won’t be able to […]

Dry Fruit Names in Punjabi

Punjabi Names of Dry Fruits In this post, we are providing the Punjabi names of dry fruits used commonly in many food items, and also eaten as snacks with a cup of tea and coffee. Almost all of these are usually costly, and are often function as a replacement gift instead of sweets. In modern […]

How to say “Happy Diwali” in Marathi?

Happy Diwali in Marathi Diwali is one of the most famous and celebrated festivals of India. On this day, messages conveying the best wishes and blessings are sent through mobile phones, letters, and internet channels etc. People use a variety of poetic messages to convey their feelings. “Happy Diwali” is a simple form of greeting […]

How to say “Happy Birthday” in Marathi?

Happy Birthday in Marathi Happy Birthday is a greeting to convey good wishes on someone’s birthday. Just like in the English language, people wish happy birthday in their respective local and regional language too. Birthday means ‘वाढदिवस’ in Marathi. In Marathi ‘Happy Birthday’ can be said as “वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दीक शुभेच्छा”. Feel free to ask if […]

Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English

Continuing our series of providing Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English, we bring another compilation of nice sayings and positive words. As always, our main motive is to provide a variety of Sanskrit words and scenarios so that readers could exercise their knowledge of the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English: […]

Top 5 Semi-Automatic Washing Machines In India

Getting laundry done can be quite a chore, and in the quest to simplify the enormity of the task, many have chosen to go the way of automation. However, choices and preferences vary and based on budget and requirements; semi-automatic washing machines were born. If you’re wondering which machines will be perfect for you, here […]

Positive Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation and Meaning

Continuing our series with collecting and curating some Sanskrit sentences along with their meaning and translation in English for positive thinking, we bring you another scoop. This series is solely intended to increase the understanding of Sanskrit language to make the reader practice with reading and learning Sanskrit. Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation: ते भाग्यवन्तः […]

Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation

Sanskrit Sentences with English Translations and Meanings

We provide a collection of some Sanskrit sentences with English translations and meanings. These sentences are quite popular on the internet and the social media, but getting them in Sanskrit is quite cool and helps in understanding the language better. We hope that you learn something from these sentences and continue your journey of learning the Sanskrit language. […]

Sanskrit Sentences with English Meaning

In this post, we will try providing some Sanskrit sentences with English meanings so that readers who have started studying or learning Sanskrit from some sources could enhance their reading and understanding skills of this language. These sentences are not particularly related to each and may be from different context but that will only enhance […]

How to say “Come here” in Marathi?

Come Here in Marathi Come here is a phrase used to command or request someone to come to the person saying it. In Marathi, come here can be said in one of the following ways: इकडे ये. इकडे या. इथे ये. इथे या.

How to say “My name is” in Marathi?

Let’s say a person named “Ramesh” wants to tell his name to someone. He can do so by saying, “My name is Ramesh” in English. The phrase “My name is …” is used by a person who wants to tell his / her name to someone. In Marathi, this can be said as “माझं नाव […]

How to say “Congratulations” in Marathi?

“Congratulations” or “Congrats” is an expression used in the English language which is used to convey someone’s good wishes for a special occasion or praise for an achievement. In Marathi, it can simply be said as “अभिनंदन”. For instance, Congratulations to Team India on winning the world cup. विश्वचषक जिंकल्याबद्दल भारतीय क्रिकेट संघाचे अभिनंदन. Congrats on […]

How to say “Are you busy” in Marathi?

“Are you busy?” is a question asked in the English language. It is used to ask someone if he or she is busy doing something. It can be asked in one of the following ways in Marathi: तुम्ही (कामात) व्यस्त आहात का? तू (कामात) व्यस्त आहेस का? तुम्ही (कामात) गुंतलेले आहात का? तू (कामात) गुंतलेला […]

English Poem–Make me a Mad Poet

When you decide to make me, make me a bird, my Lord. Let me fly navigating streams of gusts and sighting the glory of elements of the earth. Give me wings and let me float along the wind like an untouched thought. Let me be free of possessions and be open to stray away from […]

English Poem–For the One Who will Never Read it

I liquidated all my luck and pit it against the verdict—the verdict of living a life not shared with you. When I had you in my life, it blossomed like a fresh start of a beautiful North Indian spring. It breathed so joyously that the landscapes proximate to the Himalayas looked pale in comparison. Every […]

English Poem–That Child’s Seat in Delhi Metro

Out of a couple of million people commuting daily on Delhi Metro, this child had a unique seat. Usually hustling and jostling for an empty seat, no one seemed interested in his. They, in fact, silently prayed that they never get to sit on it. There was no curious eye-contact asking the perpetual question: “Are […]