Poem on Winter Season in Hindi for Class 2

I have seen children reciting poems with fervor and passion given that they really understand and enjoy the meaning of the poem. This is where the art of writing poetry for children comes into play because you have to be careful about the context and easiness of the words that you are using in the […]

Аrе Vеgеtаblе аnd Ѕееd Оіls Ваd Fоr Yоur Неаlth? А Сrіtісаl Lооk

Тhе tеrm vеgеtаblе оіl іs рrеttу соnfusіng, bесаusе wе dоn’t асtuаllу mаkе оіl frоm vеgеtаblеs lіkе саrrоts оr brоссоlі (!), but frоm sееds (іn thе саsе оf sunflоwеr, sаfflоwеr, rареsееd, саstоr, соttоn, grаре, mustаrd, flах оr рumрkіn), frоm gеrms (іn thе саsе оf соrn), аnd frоm bеаns (іn thе саsе оf sоуbеаn). Оlіvе оіl оr […]

Short Hindi Poem on Winter Season for Nursery Class

Winters are here and it is time enjoy some delicious home-grown vegetables including radish, carrots, and cauliflower. Though winters are tough to bear, the time is best to do heavy eating. It is while thinking of these delicacies that I thought about writing a short 4-liner on the winter season in Hindi. It is a […]

The Grand Slams of Badminton–Do They Make You a Great Player

Badminton is a tricky sport. There is power, agility, and stamina–then there is deception. Within a very short span of time, players have to show almost every aspect of their personality, caliber, and technique that they have acquired through hours of practice. Yet, over the years, the results of one of the most cherished tournaments […]

How to say Happy Marriage Anniversary in Sanskrit

Celebrating a marriage anniversary is a great feeling and being able to enjoy the occasion fills you with bliss and contentment. It is also a perfect time for friends and family members to show their love and care by gifting the couple and greeting them with some joyous wishes. A greeting card with a personal […]

How to say Happy Journey in Sanskrit

Traveling is one of the most liked activities that youngsters and millennials engage in nowadays. It’s always good to say happy journey to them by presenting a small gift or just showing your love and care through a simple message. The warmth of your feelings would anyway comfort them. So, if you are looking to […]

How to say Happy Teacher’s Day in Sanskrit

In India, a teacher is regarded as the very embodiment of God. Since ancient times, the teacher is placed at the highest pedestal of reverence, and the practice has continued in the modern times, though many believe that the quality of teachers has diluted and there are hardly a handful of teachers that are worthy […]

How to say Happy Diwali in Sanskrit

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated across the country with much fervor. It is also known as the ‘festival of lights’ across the globe. Another name that is given to this festival is Dipawali or Deepavali, which is actually the real name because it means a series of lights. So, whether […]

Turkish Words Used in Hindi Language

Hindi is a very modern language as compared to the original Sanskrit which makes the basis of this language. However, in the modern spoken Hindi language, there are plenty of words borrowed from other languages including Turkish, English, Arabic, and Persian language and a sprinkling of few words from language like German and French etc. […]

How to say Happy Birthday in Sanskrit

When it comes to saying happy birthday in any language, you will notice that the actual words of the congratulatory phrase would differ from the English version. This is true in the case of Sanskrit language too. So, to cover almost all the possible versions, we are providing you three Sanskrit phrases in which you […]

How to say Happy New Year in Sanskrit

The near year is celebrated every year on the 1st of January according to the solar calendar–in India too, everybody celebrates this day as the new year day, though the lunar calendar is deep-rooted in the Indian psyche and many of our festivals fall on the dates determined by that only. Like any phrase that […]

How to say Happy New Year in Hindi

Every year, at the end of the December month, people around the world prepare themselves to convey the wishes of the new year to dear ones. Many of them try to learn it in some new language. So, if you are looking to learn how to say happy new year in the Hindi language, we […]

How to say Merry Christmas in Hindi

There are many ways in which you can convey the wishes on the occasion of Christmas in the Hindi language. Merry Christmas is an English expression–when you want to say in the Hindi language, there might be a slight difference in the words though the feeling is the same. In Hindi, you may be actually […]

YouTube Playlist Downloader—what is the best and the quickest method?

Video consumption is on the rise and there are many online streaming services that are capturing the market including NetFlix and Amazon Prime Videos. However, YouTube remains one of the most favorite video portals because of the ease with which it can be used atop the fact that it is free to use. The feature […]

How to say Merry Christmas in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a wonderful language for the modern world too though a lot of people are misinformed that it is suitable only for scriptures and has no practical use in the era of science and technology. Well, if you are one of those unfortunate and ignorant people, please let me tell you that Sanskrit is […]

How to say Merry Christmas in Telugu

If you are looking to greet people on the occasion of the festival of Christmas in the Telugu language, it would be wise to know how to say the phrase Merry Christmas in the Telugu language. We are providing the option; however, if you are aware of any other way in which it can be said, […]

How to say Happy New Year in Telugu

Telugu is a beautiful language spoken in the region of Andhra Pradesh and some parts of adjacent states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerela. If you are learning the Telugu language, it would come handy to know how to greet people on various occasions like the new year, festivals, or even on their anniversaries. Happy New […]

How to say Happy New Year in Tamil

Greeting somebody on the happy new year in Tamil day or the eve is pretty easy if you understand the intricacies of the language. However, it is not difficult for people who are learning this language as a new one and want to try their hands on the conversational part of it. We are providing […]

How to say Merry Christmas in Tamil

Understanding how to wish or congratulate people on various occasions is a wonderful method to learn any language. It endears you to the person and in the ensuing conversational exchange, you may end up learning more variants and words or phrases of that language. At the same time, you may also end up learning the […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Family Is My Life; God Is My Judge

It seems to be a popular phrase among Sanskrit tattoo aficionados, as I have got two users who approached me to get the Sanskrit translation done for this phrase. However, one of them needed the first part only, while the other needed the full phrase. As you would know that getting a Sanskrit tattoo translation […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase It Is All Part Of The Process

Getting inked is a wonderful feeling–many people believe that it is a modern fad, but contrary to the popular notion, getting a tattoo is an ancient practice. In fact, there was a time in the recent past when it was denounced as a fashion gimmick, but recently it has picked its popularity among the young […]

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase Love Yourself First

A few months back, a user of my website contacted me to get a Sanskrit tattoo translation done for the phrase of his choice: Love yourself first. This is a very popular phrase among many users–I have noticed it used among many new-age practitioners of yoga, music etc. However, it was not easy getting the […]

How to Say Merry Christmas In Punjabi

In the modern times, almost all festivals are celebrated in all the states of India though many of them may not be the native festivals of that state. You will notice somewhere in Tamilnadu greeting people on Baisakhi and similarly somebody in Gujarat wishing somebody a Happy Pongal. Similarly, Christmas is celebrated as a national […]

How to Say Happy New Year In Punjabi

Happy New Year in Punjabi In India, a new year is celebrated on many occasions because of the different calendars followed by various states. However, according to the modern calendar, January 1 is believed to be the New Year Day. Apart from Baisakhi, 1st January is also celebrated as the new year day in Punjabi. […]

Short Hindi Poem Based on Children’s Day

Once again, I wrote this poem for my daughter when my wife came to me saying that she has received a message from her teacher to have her prepare a Children’s Day poem. It was on a very short notice, but because we had the option to get a very short poem, I thought of […]