A business webinar worthy of attendance

India is a country of youngsters who are looking to explore entrepreneurship more than getting jobs—almost every premium B-school has a full-flourished entrepreneurship cell where incubation and mentorship are provided. With some startups ripening up to the exit-stage too, the scenario is getting abuzz with questions and queries about the issues and problems faced by […]

3-D Printing and 3-D Printers Basics

3 D printing is an advanced technology also popularly known as additive manufacturing. In this process, three dimensional solid objects are evolved from a digital file. Employing additive processes. In other words the object is created by laying down the given material in successive layers until the object is created in full. These layers when […]

How to say you are beautiful in Tamil

Beauty is an universal phenomenon. When you wish to say someone is beautiful, you convey your liking for them. Here are the ways to tell someone they are beautiful in Tamil. Tamil Loose English Translation நீங்கள் மிகவும் அழகாக இருக்கிறீர்கள் Ningal migavum azhagaaga irukkirirgal உமது அழகோ அழகு Umathu azhago azhagu உமது அழகை வர்ணிக்க வார்த்தைகளில்லை Umathu azhagai […]

How to say get lost in Tamil

If you do not like to continue talking to someone or you do not wish to see them anymore for the time being, you would say ‘get lost’. You can do it differently in Tamil. Tamil Loose English Translation நீ இங்கிருந்து ஓடிவிடு Nee ingirunthu oodividu முதலில் நீங்கள் இங்கிருந்து செல்லுங்கள் Muthalil neengal ingirunthu sellungal நீங்கள் இவ்விடத்தை […]

How to say get well soon in Tamil

When we meet people who are sick or under some form of treatment, we wish them to get well soon. It conveys our sincere interest in seeing them back in good health. Here are the ways to do it in Tamil. Tamil Loose English Translation நீங்கள் நலமடைய விரும்புகிறேன் Ningal nalamadaiya virumbugiren நீங்கள் விரைவாக குணமடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள் […]

How to say good evening in Tamil

The time of the day decides how we greet others or wish others. Good evening is a very popular expression to use during evenings. Here are the equivalent expressions in Tamil. Tamil Loose English Translation மாலை வணக்கம் Maalai vanakkam இனிய மாலை வணக்கங்கள் Iniya maalai vanakkangal மாலை வணக்கங்கள் Maalai vanakkangal

Major applications of 3D printing

  3D printing is growing by leaps and bounds as a technique used by many industries across the globe. Day by day, the usage of this technology is increasing, and the array of applications is widening. Right from manufacturing and medical industry, 3D printing technology is used in space, food, and even commercial sector involving […]

Why Shiva is Called Shambhu or Shankar

While trying to understand the purport of this word Shambhu, we must also pair it with another word known as Shankar. Note that both these words come from the common root known as, ’Sham’. This is a very rich word in Sanskrit having several shades of meaning. Some of the ideas implied by the term […]

How do companies decide about premium for auto insurance policies?

Buying an auto insurance for your vehicle is mandatory though it is always good to shop around a bit to get competitive rates on auto insurance policy. Premium rates may differ based on geography—so, it is better to check with multiple players instead of buying from the very first one that you come in contact […]

English Poem–I Surrender my Camera

Peeping through the viewfinder that offers multiple focus points, I want to capture a picture of yours. I have many of them, but all the actualizations have some type of blemish. Sometimes, my focus is not sharp; sometimes, the alignment is not correct; sometimes, the image is dark due to incorrect shutter speed. Should I […]

English Poem–I love You

In pain, I can never say ‘I love you’. Yet, this is a feeling that I have whenever things go easy, my Lord. For everything that you do or choose in my life, I try to be happy and thankful about it. The challenge is to do the same when I feel like a loser, […]

English Poem–Karmic Shame

How thankful I am to this recurring pain that visits me every other second; I don’t have to spare a special time to contemplate on you. It’s like having an alarm clock that wakes me up. Every other moment, I get a chance to connect to you; though I often waste it by focusing more […]

English Poem–Contemplation

My activity is my meditation. Every movement of my limbs is like a prayer that I offer to you. Sitting in my dance suite with my head tucked in my legs, I contemplate on you, my Lord. What’s it that can make me worthy of you! When I was a baby, I was excited to […]

English Poem–A Child on the Beach

On the spot where the earth ends and the aquatic kingdom marks its boundaries, a child is trying his luck. He is fascinated by the majesty of the sea, and wants to ride high on those whitecaps. The thrill of the surf is irresistible. Yet, he is cautious. Submitting to the unnamed fear that wells […]

English Poem–Bear with Me

The only thing I am sure of is this: I am eligible for every type of failure; capable of every type of sin; prone to every type of defeat; and amateurish enough to commit every type of fault. Bear with me! I have gone to school and have listened to the hallowed talk too. I […]

English Poem–I was Dumb, Yesterday

This line looks so perfect that I can repeat it almost daily. So, let me begin: yes, I was dumb, yesterday. I always had high hopes and felt that I had a star in me. Yet, I always get proven wrong at some point of time on a daily basis. Today I feel clever because […]

English Poem–That Leopard is my Spiritual Guru

Watching that leopard in the cage, a sense of commiseration grips my heart. I am in a zoo. Why I visit a zoo, I don’t know! Perhaps, I love animals. Or is it the sight of a living being, struggling to be free, quenches the beastly desires that are latent in me? The leopard, as […]

English Poem–I Have a Fight!

I am a fighter. Yes, I am, and this conclusion is not a hurried one. I have found this dominating trait of my persona after spending thirty-one extremities of the humid subtropical climate. I fight with everybody, everything, all the time. In office, I fight with the expectations and responsibilities that are levied upon me […]

English Poem–Little Joys of Childhood

That unchecked greed of eating soiled fruits fallen on the ground, and believing that somebody once jumped from the moon on earth, unhurt. That playing with unvaccinated street puppies, and oblivious of any thing called Rabies. That crouching in front of the home-made earthen stove waiting for the bathing water to boil, and eating grapes […]

English Poem–My Life is a Dragon

I had been a dragon-slayer in my previous births. God decided to give me another shot, and I took birth facing the challenges of the dragon called ‘life’. This dragon is huge and unpredictable. I even don’t know what powers or limitations it possesses. But sometimes, I marvel at the beauty of this uncertainty—it reminds […]

Know what leads you forward

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Phrase ‘Know what leads you forward’

We are providing the Sanskrit translation of the sentence ‘Know what leads you forward’. It is a beautiful sentence and can be used as a tattoo on your body or a T-shirt or even as a writing on your car. We have also provided the pronunciation according to the IAST format, which will help users […]

Why Shiva is Called Destroyer

Lord Shiva is one of the trinity of gods in Hinduism. Considered the manifestation of the Apara Brahman (Formless Supreme Source of the Universe) in a form to be enjoyed and worshipped by the devotees, Shiva is considered the destroyer or annihilator or the final destination of the entire gamut of creation. The other two […]

Elise Lebec

Interview with Elise Lebec–A multi-talented Pianist and Composer

Art is contagious in all its forms–more often than not, one form of art inspires the other, and continues to effuse springs of diffirent colors and textures. The result is a beautiful rainbow of expressions embodying the feelings and emotions of the artists. This is how I believe our world came into existence–different elements of […]

Why Shiva is Called Chandrashekhar

Chandrashekhar is a mesmerizing name of Lord Shiva formed by the union of two words – Chandra (moon) and Shekhar (crown) meaning the Lord with moon as his crown. Shiva is resplendent. He is the embodiment of supreme Godhead. His divine plays are mysterious and beyond human comprehension. Here is an interesting story how this […]