English Poem–Pain was my Only Qualification

My pain was really bad, as it is with everybody. It tested me to the hilt, and was perpetual. My belief that it enables me to question God kept me going, though. Upon comparison, however, I realized that my pain was not the biggest, and I had more at my disposal than a lot many. […]

English Poem–No Bar on Learning

There’s no age for learning. Learning comes from the heart though experience may require bracing more summers and winters. They say I am too old to learn anything, but I say I am old enough to know that I need to learn. The mind is ageless and so is its commitment. If you yearn to […]

English Poem–Burn, my Soul, Burn

Burn, my soul, burn. Burn more in agony; feel more puzzled and confused. Do not pick every fleeting thought as the thread-end of your next poem. Despair not to break into a new song of pining and utter grief. Do not meditate sincerely on the formless, and travel not far in your reverie to the […]

English Poem–The Unnoticeable yet Marked Presence

At the beginning of the Indian summer, sitting in my unlit chamber without any electric fan revolving overhead, singing Raga-less but elaborate variations of vocal notes, I feel a feeble presence of your being. It feels like an amateur swimmer floating in water–I can notice your form on the other side of the pool as […]

English Poem–Are you Intrigued?

Now that I have developed a sense of aversion to all the hobbies, interests and pastimes, the time seems to have adopted a lethargic strut. With every skill falling short of its mark; every spark of talent releasing tiny shocks of a diffused current, the showmanship seems to have hidden behind the curtain of mortifying […]

How to say “What are you doing” in Marathi

“What are you doing?” is a question in the English language. It is used to ask someone what he/she is doing. In Marathi, it is used in two ways: In the first way, it has a formal tone to it. तुम्ही काय करत आहात? तू काय करत आहेस? In the other way, it is used as […]

Pete Calandra

Interview With Pete Calandra–the Gandalf of Music Composition

An artist does not simply look for the gratification of senses while creating art. Yes, that’s an integral part of the creative process, yet there is an esoteric or higher calling that every artist hears and responds to. They feel moved and operated by an unknown force that runs through their veins. This calling is […]

English Poem–I am Apt in Ruining my Life

I am aptly capable of ruining my life. My challenge is to make a sense out of it. I have a great stamina for running on the wrong track. My challenge is to finish the race. I have a welling desire to be stubborn. My challenge is to ‘let go’. I possess this uncanny knack […]

English Poem–Dilemma of Surrender

My surrender is incomplete. My acceptance of ‘letting go’ has orifices in its boundary walls–the lava of ‘I’m the doer’ leaks more often than not. I seem to be lurking on the periphery of a turbulent vortex–tangential is my trajectory when I try to let myself be consumed by the centrifugal force. Instead of being […]

English Poem–The Craziest but the Best Position

God made sure that I lose every battle I waged against my destiny. He made me bite every word that I uttered, and saw to it that I felt ashamed of every imaginative reverie that I might have had. He took care of minute placements putting roadblocks on the tread I pursued, and encumbered me […]

English Poem–The Guru-side of God

I was held back by that unnoticed aversion towards learning. Then God showed me His Guru-side and I was rendered silent. And then, hell (of opportunities) broke loose. The most crucial, subtle but useful lessons came from failures. Roadblocks became signboards. The more I hit them, the more they pointed me to widen my understanding […]

English Poem–Known Stranger

The profile appears familiar though some missing strokes send my mind to the realms where confusion reigns. Drawing conclusions from the traits, condition, and state of the personality, I am quite surprised to notice the resemblance. This stranger, who has already delineated every limitation, trouble, issue, and barrier that his life has, bears a striking […]

English Poem–Is it Bliss That I Fear?

Is it bliss that I fear to experience? Is it the absolute freedom that I am refusing to accept? Is this the feeling that I have longed for, and now denying its existence because nothing remains to be done? Why the accomplishment seems to be appearing like a failure! For quite a while, I have […]

English Poem–No Commerce in Love

As I sit preparing for the expected conversation with you, calculations flood my mind. I try to submit my prayers; I feel a bundle-load of computations and figures crushing my heart. I feel the ledger of Karma weighing heavily on my soul. The balance-sheet of debit and credit seems to stupefy my wits. I feel […]

English Poem–Himalayan Dejection

Standing atop those historic peaks, where time seems to trudge since eons, I am filled with a mixed feeling of bitter-sweet emotions. The natural cause of growth and decay passes on every element including the flora, the fauna, the clouds, and the heat. Yet, the beauty of these mountains remains unadulterated by the human touch. […]

English Poem–This is not What I Want

Why does it happen that when I sit in front of your image, my Lord, all the troubles make a beeline beside me? Why I seem to have a long list of issues and complaints that worry my mind, when I try to meditate on you? It’s okay that I feel like a child and […]

English Poem–Why don’t We have Love?

Why don’t we have a pandemic of love, care, and mutual respect? Why the true nature of our being is so restricted a feeling that it gets asphyxiated whenever there is a tinge of possible expansion? Why don’t we have people suffering from the acute and dire symptoms of positivity which is no dis-ease but […]

English Poem–My Challenge is to Love You

I have made peace with your decision, my Lord. My challenge is to love you for that. You don’t have the inclination to grant me pain when I come knocking at your door for blessings. But when you refuse to consecrate me with my wish, my mind struggles to find the reason. Yet, I am […]

English Poem for Kids

This poem is in English and I wrote it for my daughter’s school project. For the last week, my wife and I have been searching a lot on the internet for a suitable poem that my daughter could use–she is the 1st grade and has a poetry recitation competition coming up. So, after tiring from […]

How to say “All the Best” in Marathi

“All the Best” is a phrase in English which is used to convey the “Best Wishes” to someone for a certain task or undertaking that the person is about to start. The words at the beginning of this phrase are understood as “I wish you…”. In Marathi, the same can be written as follows: माझ्याकडून […]

Who’s the GOAT?–Roger, Rafa or Djoker?

We humans, inherently, have a tendency to choose; or as they say, have the ‘choice to choose,’ which in fact places us above the gods–they can’t sin, as spiritual doctrines declare. When it comes to sports, we tend to look for superlative. In performance, in records, in attitude, and in almost every subtle gesture that […]

Is It Om or Aum

Is it Om or Aum or Oṁ–Understanding the structure and IAST system

This is a very confusing question because the whole internet is filled with different spellings of this word Om, and amusingly enough, all the spellings appear correct and pointing to the same thing. Yet, a popular search phrase on Google suggests that users are confused about the veracity of a particular spelling because they want to […]

How to say vote of thanks in Tamil

Vote of thanks is delivered towards the end of a program to thank the different people who made the event possible. Here is how to vote of thanks in different ways. Tamil Loose English Translation நன்றி நவிலல் Nandri navilal நன்றி பாராட்டுதல் Nandri paarattuthal

How to say very beautiful in Tamil

Beauty is enjoyed by all. When you need to appreciate beauty, use one of these expressions to convey it in Tamil. Tamil Loose English Translation மிக அழகானது Miga azhagaanathu அழகோ அழகு Azhago azhagu அற்புதமாக உள்ளது Arputhamaaga ullathu