English Poem–I am

While I sit dormant and lethargically avoiding any activity, I feel everything inside me dancing like a refreshed athlete. When I travel in a 3-wheeler where around thirteen people are huddled like broiler chickens, I feel everything inside me flying with the speed of sound. When I sit inside my dark chamber trembling with each […]

English Poem–Journey of life

Traveling to the National Capital in the State-run roadways-bus, I sit at the last window-seat adjacent to the exit gate. The journey spreads beyond 300 Km, wading through many towns, cities, and the countryside. Somewhere, a Myna sits on the high-voltage tower, standing unmoved, carrying the load of electricity through fields and lands. The sky […]

English Poem–The unknown identity

In the depths of acute and void silence, a continuum of languishing want makes its presence felt with the sound of feeble steps. Where there is nothing, I mean nothing, a singular identity hopes for a companion to whisper the depths of its yearning. In every stroke of sound called music, there is a demand […]

English Poem–Meditative imagination

Away from that sultry existence where tastes, senses, feelings, emotions, savories, and elemental bindings play the upper hand, I enjoy the lotus posture with a soft smile swirling on my lips. The plane where I sit is leveled with the floating waves of gentle music that comes creeping from all the corners. There is a […]

English Poem–Saturn calling

(Inspired by a song of Jeff Oster) I march towards the Saturn who calls me from a distance with an enchanting sound. It sounds to my ears a call from my native place. It is deep, original, intriguing and curiosity-awakening. The density of this sound covers everything that my ears can hear. It is all-powerful […]

English Poem–You, not me

To be blessed with grace, the need of self-surrender is a must. But tell me, O heart! Is there any self that you have the authority to surrender? When everything already belongs to you, my Lord, then who am I to surrender or not to! The self that you ask me to surrender is already […]

English Poem–A tryst at a peak

On that peak, Where I went up to be alone with you, a distant call of birds welcomes me. It is strangely comforting to be with the unseen you. I sit there feeling your warmth and hearing the whispers of your breath. I feel you are almost touching me. Yet, there is this unique singularity […]

English Poem–You make and unmake

You made me to burn for quite a while in a sense of shame and self-negation. The silence of night spoke to me in whispers of your quiet denial. The morning opened its heart in songs of pain and separation. The sky loomed over my heart with a grim and crabbing air of your hope. […]

English Poem–Call of spirit

(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg) The sound fills the entire space around me. But, it is fragmented in pieces and is discontinuous—the notes do not get the backing they need to bind me. With feeble touches of their diminished powers, they receive interrupted attention from my being. Among the clamorous stimuli of such […]

English Poem–The sea

(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone) The sea is encompassing, yet, tightly secured for the still-unexplored aquatic kingdom that hides the untold mysteries beyond the ken of human understanding. It seems God keeps the treasures and secret-meetings with Mâyâ beneath the turbulence of water-surface where a gentle calm floats all around. Like a hidden […]

English Poem–Yoke it like a mule

My mind, like a lazy and corrupted entity, has dragged my wisdom to the nether end. It never allowed me to rise above the imprudent and fleeting entanglements of this world. Yoke it like a mule to the cart of your service, my Lord, and with the whip of your all-conquering power, let me follow […]

English Poem–The unseen occupier

Beyond that unending veil of ignorance, an unseen occupier sits comfortably with a subdued-smile swirling on its lips. It is the source of power—the driving force that initiates everything, yet, it takes no credits. There is no second one to whom it can show the ‘I got credits’ placard. It assumes a deep and genuine […]

English Poem–Music—you enrapture me!

Music, Why you seem to move through my inner being like if you own me from head to toe? Why you are the sound—having no form, no smell, no taste, no feeling; but an irresistible power that snares every cell and nerve? Why, as it seems, you meet me mentally and manage my moods? Every […]

English Poem–If I were to get you

During all those dark hours when my being just wanted to run away from elemental bindings, you held me tight with the blissful clutches of those unfailing words. When I felt alone like a solitary worm in the most remote anthill at the top of an abandoned mountain, you crept in from nowhere to accompany […]

English Poem–Whom you would call

Whom you would call the greatest loser on earth? One who has lost a piece of land; one who has lost some diamonds; one who has lost a place in higher ranks of the society; or the one who has lost his conviction, his self-belief, his self-confidence, his faith, and his aim? Whom you would […]

English Poem–You perhaps know not

What are the words of a poet to me? Not more than the flowing combination of consonants and vowels put together to make a string that has no flowers woven through it. What are the songs of a musician to me? Not more than the sounding combination of notes and noises put together to make […]

English Poem–Me, not mine

When you are tired from the physical work and your mind wants to rest, I engage you in a child-play on those trees of my Champak-Van with the companions that we hold close to our hearts. And when we all are exhausted, we refresh ourselves with the sport of our Over-self. When you sit in […]

How to say good bye in Tamil

While parting from someone, we wish them good bye. In Tamil here are the ways to say it differently. If you would like to know more or have any doubt, please feel free to get in touch with us through the comment section Tamil Loose English Transliteration நான் சென்று வருகிறேன் Naan sendru varugiren நான் புறப்படுகிறேன் […]

How to say good morning in Tamil

While greeting someone, we say good morning. This can be done in Tamil in the following ways. If you have any feedback or question, reach us through the comment section. Tamil Loose English Transliteration காலை வணக்கங்கள் Kaalai vanakkangal காலை வணக்கம் Kaalai vanakkam இனிய காலை வணக்கங்கள் Iniya kaalai vanakkangal

How to say did you eat in Tamil

In most cultures, people extend their courtesy by asking people whether they had their food. In Tamil there are different ways of doing it. If you have any question or doubt, you can write to us using the comments section. Tamil Loose English Transliteration நீங்கள் சாப்பீட்டீர்களா? Ningal saappittirgalaa நீங்கள் சாப்பிட்டாயிற்றா? Neengal saappittayitraa நீங்கள் உணவு உண்டீர்களா? […]

Athirapally Falls

Visiting Athirapally Waterfalls near Kochi, Kerela

Considered as the largest waterfall of India, Athirapally (Athirappilly) is a great tourist destination if you are visiting Kochi or Thrissur. It is around 80 Km from Kochi. We were staying at Kochi Caprice hotel from where we too an auto to reach Vytilla Hub. We were told that there were no direct buses–so, we […]

How to say congratulations in Tamil

Appreciating the achievements or good work of someone is a good value and a popular etiquette. Here are a few ways in which you can appreciate someone in Tamil. If you would like to learn Tamil language more deeply or want to explore more words, you can consider buying these books that will help you […]

How to say come here in Tamil

You may need to call a person to come near you for some reason. Here are the different ways to ask someone to come near in Tamil. If you would like to learn Tamil language more deeply or want to explore more words, you can consider buying these books that will help you immensely. If […]

How to say I love you to a girl in Tamil

Love is a universal feeling. Different cultures say ‘I Love you’ in different ways. Here are how a Tamilian will say a girl “I love you”. If you would like to learn Tamil language more deeply or want to explore more words, you can consider buying these books that will help you immensely. Feel free […]

How to say have a great day in Tamil

You can wish people a great day while parting with them after a meeting in order to wish them a lucky day ahead. You can do it in Tamil in these ways. If you would like to learn Tamil language more deeply or want to explore more words, you can consider buying these books that […]