5 Best Smartphones below Rs 8000 in India

The smartphone is one of such products, which have a highly fluctuating price range, especially in India. You may find a good phone for as low as Rs. 8000 and you may not find a worth-paying phone, even after spending its double rate. It all depends on your research capacity and knowledge of smartphones. In […]

Review of ХІАОМІ RЕDМІ 4А Mobile Phone

Хіаоmі lаunсhеs іts nеw Ѕmаrtрhоnе Хіаоmі Rеdmі 4а. Rеdmі 4а hаs 5.0” ІРЅ dіsрlау thаt suрроrts 720р rеsоlutіоn. Аrсhіtесturе оf thе smаrtрhоnе іs расkеd wіth 1.4 quаd соrе рrосеssоr usіng thе quаlсоmm сhірsеt. Хіаоmі 4а wоrks оn аndrоіd 6.0 (mаrshmаllоw) wіth thе uрdаtеd МІUІ vеrsіоn 8. Тhе smаrtрhоnе hаs 2GВ RАМ аnd 16GВ RОМ, іt […]

Why I won’t buy an iPhone 6 now

Apple or people who follow Apple like crazy fans are already talking about the features that will be there in Apple 8. Thousands of users are buying Apple 7 on a daily basis–I have heard people whispering about buying Apple 7 with 128 GB storage space and ready to spend any kind of money to […]

My choice when it comes to buying a smartphone

I have two friends who are younger to me in age but have worked with me on number of freelancing projects—one of them took a government job and became a computer teacher while the other one is a PHP programmer. We are a sort of team though we don’t work together as a team. We […]

Nokia to relaunch its iconic 3310 mobile phone

Mobile market in India and world over is abuzz with mobile sets launched almost daily by various companies. More and more companies are joining the fray of mobile manufacturing as the demand and consumption of mobile phones is increasing exponentially. The latest news is from Nokia—they are relaunching their once-god-of-a-set named Nokia 3310 in the […]

Best Android phone under 15000 with 3Gb RAM or more

High end mobiles at low cost is always a hot topic in the world of mobile phones especially ones using Android OS. Amidst a huge competition among international players thronging the market with thousands of models every day, it is really hard for the customers to decide on the right pick that would suffice their […]

Lenovo K6 Power

Review of Lenovo K6 Power (Sale starts on 27th December 2016)

Lenovo has been launching K-series phones for quite some now and customers are looking eagerly waiting for new phones with better features and lesser price. The Note series has been popular with customers from several brands including Samsung, Mi, and Lenovo. Multiple upgrades have been made by almost all of them. However, with the debacle […]

10 best Android phones for ladies

Well, it does sound strange when you try to figure out the best suited mobile phones on the basis of gender of the user. There is no direct concern yet there are small preferences that can be useful to figure out the choices female users are expected to make. via GIPHY There is no definite […]

Moto G Offers

Comparison between Moto G4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Why Moto G4 is lowered priced and needs additional promotional offers I remember buying Moto G in 2013 and feeling delighted because it offered almost all the functionalities and seamless integration with various tools that Google offered. The features were acceptable and the working of the phone was nice. The battery backup was not ultra […]

Dual SIM vs hybrid slot

Why mobile companies are pushing for hybrid slot in dual SIM smartphones

A few years back, owning a dual-SIM mobile phone was considered a luxury–there were jokes cracked on people who owned two dual-SIM mobile phones: how could they manage so many contact numbers! A couple of years back, almost everybody who owned a smartphone had a dual-SIM cell phone because almost all the companies started offering […]

Mobile Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kehte Hain

Mobile penetration in India has been phenomenal. Like the introduction of computers to the Indians took the whole IT industry to a new level, it so did to the mobile industry too. Almost everybody who earns two square meals owns a mobile phone now. Recommended books to explore Hindi language more: In Hindi language, mobile […]

5 things don't link about Motorola's Moto G

So, I recently bought Motorola’s much talked about Moto G (8GB). In India, the mobile phone is in vogue and is offered only through Flipkart. In my office itself, 3-4 people have already bought it. Overall, the phone is good. However, there are certain things that I don’t like in it: 5 things I don’t […]

Do not remove the screen cover of your Moto G phone

It will act as a good screen guard I recently bought Moto G phone launched by Motorola, a Google company. In India, it is available with Flipkart only. I have written earlier how they committed an awful mistake in writing Hindi text. But this is after I have used it for good 4-5 days. There […]

iShopper.com–comparison shopping site for mobiles and laptops

In the wake of various types of mobile sets being launched by companies (often engaged in lawsuits with one another), here is a comparison shopping site that lets you to find best prices of mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets and much more. iShopper.com offers you various models of gadgets that you can choose from after you have […]


Startup Carkhana.com: Selling automobile accessories online

Have you ever thought of buying automobile accessories online? At least, to me, this sounded a very unique and new concept. Carkhana.com presents you a collection of essential as well as exotic products/accessories that you might need if you own a bike or a car. There are many sites that offer you information, reviews and […]

Prof. Sandeep Chahal talks about bad effect of mobile towers on house sparrows

He works as a English professor in Doaba College, Jalandhar. However, his passion about conserving the house sparrows, known as Passer Domesticus Indicus, led him to do research in this field and come to conclude that mobile towers have contributed in the sharp reduction of these indicators of good environment. He, along with some of […]

7 Mobile business ideas–entrepreneurship on wheels

While talking about business and entrepreneurship, lots of enthusiasts think that either they have to have a physical space (shop/office) or they have to show a virtual presence on internet through a web portal or website. But what about the potential in mobile business ideas where entrepreneurs can carry out businesses on wheels? Traditionally, street-hawkers […]

Rooting Your Linux Mobile Device

If you desire to have better control and infinite freedom to customize your Linux powered mobile device, the rooting process will definitely leverage your expectations. Linux based systems are well recognized for extensive use of access control. The root user, or more commonly referred to as root is the user with the highest level of […]

Linux on Mobile Platforms

What is a Mobile Platform? Mobile devices are the types of inseparable gadgets that we use everyday. Every one of us carries a mobile device for contacting people and accessing the information that we require. Therefore, mobile phones market has grown by a few folds for the last few years and the potential looks unlimited. […]

Startup Phonecurry–a way to find mobile phones

When it comes to finding mobile-related websites, users get plethora of them. On my personal level, I never visited a mobile-related site because I have never made a purchase of a mobile phone that required some research–I keep it simple. However, if you are looking to get price comparison on various models and other information […]