Why I won’t buy an iPhone 6 now

Apple or people who follow Apple like crazy fans are already talking about the features that will be there in Apple 8. Thousands of users are buying Apple 7 on a daily basis–I have heard people whispering about buying Apple 7 with 128 GB storage space and ready to spend any kind of money to grab the phone. There are already leaked news about various features and Apple user groups are already locking horns as to whether the proposed featured are worthy of the money that users will be spending or not.

However, what caught my eye was an ad posted on a very popular e-commerce website: the offered product was Apple 6 at a price of under 30000 INR. I was surprised because why someone in their right mind would buy a soon-to-be-outdated-model of Apple, and not go for a latest Android-based mobile phone, which will have better features?

I am still at a loss of ideas about why somebody do it!

Consider for example these phones:

  1. OnePlus 3T with 64 GB space
  2. OnePlus 3 with 64 GB space
  3. Samsung Galaxy A8 with 32 GB space

I know and understand that users are still not over the issue of Samsung battery that left the company out of favours of many, but still there are many better options in the mobile market for phones under 30000 than buying an old iPhone model which will most probably be declared outdated in maximum 2 years.

I agree that it is difficult to pick the best phone under 30000 when it comes to new mobile sets because many of them are not tested enough for performance and utility. But personally, I will never buy an iPhone 6 in 2017 if I have the choice to spend 30000 INR on a mobile phone.

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