My choice when it comes to buying a smartphone

I have two friends who are younger to me in age but have worked with me on number of freelancing projects—one of them took a government job and became a computer teacher while the other one is a PHP programmer. We are a sort of team though we don’t work together as a team.

We keep sharing stuff about mobile phones, and various accessories. One of the most important aspect that we have figured out in any phone for us is the size of that phone. We have used Nokia 3300 and 3310 too and we have used Mi Note 4 also. The size of the mobile phones has increased in the recent past because users want better touch experience with various functionalities that make a mobile phone almost a computer. However, we have our own concerns when it comes to the size of the mobile phone.

The second aspect of any mobile phone for us is the cost—if somebody is offering us a great phone with an exorbitant price, we will look the other side. We feel that in today’s market, a great Android-based phone can be purchased between INR 12-15K. Though some of the great phones start from 9k too but if you are looking for a bit of extra RAM and storage, you may need to spend more than 12k for a decent phone.

So, if I have to pick the best phone under 15000, I will pick any phone from Mi under that range with a screen size of 5”. Earlier, I used Moto G with fair amount of ease and utility, I feel that Mi phones excel Moto phones quite easily just because they have a better battery life and cost effectiveness.

What are the aspects that you feel most important when it comes to picking a mobile phone for your personal use? Share your ideas!

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