5 things don't link about Motorola's Moto G

So, I recently bought Motorola’s much talked about Moto G (8GB). In India, the mobile phone is in vogue and is offered only through Flipkart.

In my office itself, 3-4 people have already bought it.

Overall, the phone is good. However, there are certain things that I don’t like in it:

5 things I don’t like in Moto G

  1. I don’t like the charger: The charger provided by Motorola is a simple plugging one and not with USB option. So, you can’t charge this gadget with your computer.
  2. No USB connector: There is no USB connector provided with the phone so you just can’t connect your phone to your computer if you want to transfer files, photos, audios or videos etc.
  3. Tethering not that powerful: Tethering facility is not that powerful as it should be. For that matter, Nokia Lumia series has the best tethering option that I have tried till now.
  4. Weird design on SIM cards: The SIM cards are micro SIM cards and you have take out the flap to insert them. But the battery is not removable and there is no memory card that you can’t insert. So, why I am required to remove the back cover? 
  5. This is the most awful thing in a mobile phone and that too coming from a Google company. I wrote about it separately too. The message on the back of battery in Hindi is awful.

Overall, I am not very encourage by this phone. Will not refer it to somebody either.

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