7 Mobile business ideas–entrepreneurship on wheels

While talking about business and entrepreneurship, lots of enthusiasts think that either they have to have a physical space (shop/office) or they have to show a virtual presence on internet through a web portal or website.

business on wheels

But what about the potential in mobile business ideas where entrepreneurs can carry out businesses on wheels? Traditionally, street-hawkers and push-cart sellers are examples of such kind of businesses. But is there a real business value in this model? Let’s talk about some small business ideas that can be exploited in the mobile mode:

  • Food cart

Food carts can be seen anywhere streets, roads, around corporate buildings, outside malls, busy markets, near playgrounds, etc. The scale of these carts could vary according to the food items offered and space available. Sometimes, food carts offer seating arrangement also to facilitate the customers.

Without doubt, food business on wheels is one of the commonest, thriving and viable business ideas that can be pursued at a small scale level.

  • Laundry services

Metro cities require lots of services to be delivered at home. Laundry service is one of these. This business can be explored at a small scale and if possible for the entire city, given the success and finance available to the entrepreneur. Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chandigarh are examples of potential markets for this business.

In the business, a van moves from colony to colony and collects laundry and at the same delivers it.

  • Car service van

This business idea sounds new but has tremendous potential in metro and big cities. A website needs to be designed to make this business more attractive. At the same time, the website facilitates the business and creates more opportunities of marketing and sales.

In the business, spare parts, check-up, overhauling, and repair work are provided at the doorstep or in the society. The customer can book for the service online or on phone. With dedicated customer service and efficient technical people to handle the vehicle, the business has ample flourishing potential.

  • Mobile-phone repair shop

Mobile phones have tremendous market potential from software to hardware verticals. Apps development is another area where lucrative opportunities are coming up for developers. The mobile phone market is replete with plethora of sets and other gadgets. Providing efficient and cost-effective repair for this market is one area which is explored at a very micro-level. Not much thought is given by entrepreneurs for providing services to mobile users. Like the auto service van, it can be explored as a mobile business opportunity. Once again, efficiency and cost-effectiveness would ensure that the business is successful.

  • Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a creative concept where advertisers can customize the space of advertisement without incurring infrastructure costs. It is like advertising on wheels where large-scale posters and flexes are put on the vehicles which could be placed at different spots. These spots could be termed as points of business where the visibility is more.

Mobile advertising can be used to advertise in different cities using the same material. Without doubt, this way of advertisement offer lots of creative opportunities and the business for providing these opportunities can flourish if explored.

  • Banking on wheels

This is a very recent concept and can be explored for micro-finance and other products. The experiment has been successful and lots of countries have explored the idea especially where setting up a bank-office is not viable or possible.

Loan products, saving, debit/credit, and group lending facilities can be extended through this version of banking business.

  • Mobile sanitation services

Sanitation is one industry which is not attractive to many portable toilets have a huge potential in terms of business but social stigma holds entrepreneurs back from entering into it. Providing mobile sanitation services is an area largely unexplored and could be taken up at a small scale in bigger cities.

On a very micro-level, it is popular in smaller cities but if channelized in proper business terms, it offers lucrative business opportunities.

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  1. This is a wonderful place to find good ideas to find business ideas.

    I am looking to enter into a small business in banking, finance and investment industry, shall appreciate guidance, support.

  2. I want to start a company /buissines providing technical consultation or tech support or any shop like mobile spares .. pls guide ..am a tech guy in windows infrastructure management.

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