Comparison between Moto G4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Why Moto G4 is lowered priced and needs additional promotional offers

Moto G Offers

I remember buying Moto G in 2013 and feeling delighted because it offered almost all the functionalities and seamless integration with various tools that Google offered. The features were acceptable and the working of the phone was nice.

The battery backup was not ultra great but manageable. The only problem I faced was overheating, that too only on few occasions.

Moto G2 was also a great hit with the crowd. However, since then, various other companies have launched their mobile phones in India and they have beaten Moto G brand fair and square.

Redmi Note 3, for example, is a great comparison. It offers almost everything identical at a similar price. However, check the battery life. Moreover, Redmi Note 3 does not have a heating problem.

The processor of both Moto G4 and Mi Note 3 is almost similar.

Camera is better in Mi Note 3. Battery is also better. RAM and ROM in both the sets are similar. The only advantage with Moto G4 is Android version.

The price of Mi Note 3 is 12,000/- and so is for Moto G4.

In my opinion, I will go for Mi Note 3 instead of Moto G4 because of battery life and better camera. I can deal with the lower version of Android.

It is no surprise that Moto G4 needs additional promotional offers to sell while Mi Note 3 is hardly available on various ecommerce sites!

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