Nokia to relaunch its iconic 3310 mobile phone

Mobile market in India and world over is abuzz with mobile sets launched almost daily by various companies. More and more companies are joining the fray of mobile manufacturing as the demand and consumption of mobile phones is increasing exponentially.

The latest news is from Nokia—they are relaunching their once-god-of-a-set named Nokia 3310 in the market. Lots of users are already sharing the new in their networks through social media and even Whatsapp. I got a screen shot of the news from my friend who says he is gonna buy that phone, and once launched the phone will be a best-seller. Well, personally, I do believe him and feel that it would top the list and become the best phone under 10000 in India.

When choosing a phone, a common user looks for these specifications and features:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Size that fit in the hand
  3. Easy operations
  4. Post-sale support from the company

The expectations and demands of the consumer change as we move from normal mobile phones to smartphones. The operating system is a major concern. Camera, RAM and battery life take precedence over everything. Rightly so, because smartphones have multiple tasks to perform rather than simply making calls like the normal cell phones.

However, with the relaunch of Nokia 3310, I wonder whether every smartphone users would like to buy an additional phone just to enjoy the robustness and low price that this handset offers. Almost everybody in India has used this set at least once and the nostalgia around the phone is just phenomenal. It remains to be seen if Nokia could bring back the same magic, and if yes, it will do wonders to the image and business of the company itself, as the phone can help them gain a major market share at least in India.

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