Birthday parties of childhood days

I remember born and brought up in a country-side village—we used to celebrate my birthday on any given day. A day chosen by my parents because that day they could spare time and also prepare various kinds of food items etc. The major attraction was inviting a photographer who could take some pictures. This continued till we bought a Kodak camera and then we didn’t have to depend on the photographer—we could click multiple photos on the same day. I remember we didn’t have cakes in our village—if you could buy it from nearby towns then only you can cut it. Otherwise, just have sweets, pakodas, etc. In our house, we used to prepare halwa and cut it imaging we are cutting the cake. I just loved the whole event. It was a great time to celebrate with your extended family and friends.

A birthday celebration is a great day for any kid—I realized it when I grew up and became a father. I noticed a unique kind of joy in my daughter who got dressed in a new frock and wanted to share her joy with other children of the street. I am sure I must have felt the same when I was a kid but now I could notice it.

As you grow old, there is no childlike charm in you to celebrate your birthday. However, the expectations are there—you want your friends to post funny birthday wishes on social media networks and also to WhatsApp you some memes etc. You also want a surprise gift from your partner and perhaps a trip to some place.

I consider these days important because they let you take a break from your daily schedule and spend some time with your family and friends. How lavish is your birthday party is not important—how enjoying it is, should be your main concern.

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