The way we spend our time with friends

I remember I had the cake smeared on my face for the first time ever on my birthday–I was invited by a friend of mine to her house. She and her husband brought a chocolate cake. I was accompanied by another friend of mine. My wife and my daughter was also with me. 

They asked me to cut the cake. I did. Instead of making me eat the cake, they started rubbing it on my face. My daughter was little terrified but my wife enjoyed it a lot–she knew I didn’t like such kind of things, and also never did it to somebody myself. But that day, almost everything changed. I felt like one of them–the feeling of being the odd-man-out flew away. I felt that I am a normal guy who belonged to certain group.

Friends make your life unique.

You can celebrate them every day. Or you can celebrate every day with them. There is no need to have a special day to celebrate your friendship. I have never sent friendship day wishes to anybody in my life, but I have wished them on many occasions, and I value my friends like I would value anything precious in my life.

Yet, I don’t deny that there is something special if you remember your friends on a particular day, and want to celebrate it in a unique style. I don’t mind going out and having a great time. I don’t mind going for a party where you can detox yourself after a stressful work week. I don’t mind going for a classical music concert if that’s what you and your friends like. I don’t mind simply hanging out with friends and talking deeply about problems of the world or of your life. Basically, I have noticed that time spent with friends flies like airplanes while time without friends trudges like bullock-carts.

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