Connecting with my mother after a yoga class in Bali

Bali is a nice place for a retreat during holidays and weekends. You can get your family to this fantastic location and make a great day for all. Once you are engaged in classes, they can also try out and see how much it can be useful to them. If they do not wish to participate in the classes, then there are a lot of activities they can explore in Bali once you are spending your time in the class.  It has got everything for every person on the earth. I had heard much about it and could not resist.

Finally, I decided to give it a try and landed in Bali last year for a yoga course and possible some traveling fun. Coming from Australia, I was keen on exploring some coral reefs.

Nowadays, yoga classes offered in every nook and corner of the world since most people are drawn towards this incredibly effective kind of system that has helped a large number of people gain a sound body and a healthy mind. Yoga is in fact a comprehensive solution to most problems in humans. Through a committed learning of this art and making it a daily practice can make you a successful person on the earth.

It is during one of the classes that I was attending when chatting with another participant, the topic of mothers came up. She told me that it was Mother’s Day and she had called back home in the US to wish her mom. I felt a sharp pinch in my heart. I had missed that didn’t have any inkling about the day. I decided to call my mom in the evening.

I did call my mom to convey her the Mothers Day wishes and my love for everything she has done. I felt so much bliss in my heart. I felt like I had missed my family so much but never knew or cared enough to tap into that resource. I decided to visit her often and stay in touch more after I go back from Bali.

It was truly a yoga because yoga means union in Sanskrit. I was united with my mother again!

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