Vaccine Meaning in Sanskrit

During one of the most testing times in the history of mankind, when the whole world is tormented by the Coronavirus, the vaccine becomes one of the most prayed for word. There is no doubt that everybody, in their own regional and local language, is asking for a vaccine, a cure for the pandemic. However, a lot of people do not understand this word, along with many other Covid-19 related words that are used frequently but they are mostly in English. So, what does a vaccine mean in Sanskrit? Do you know the vaccine meaning in Sanskrit?

Through this post, we have tried to give various names with which a vaccine is known in the Sanskrit language.

EnglishVaccine Meaning in Sanskrit
Vaccineगव्यः (Gavyaḥ)
Vaccineगव्या (Gavyā)
Vaccineगव्यम् (Gavyam)

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