Forever and Always in Sanskrit–Translation for Tattoo

Very recently, I got a query from a user of my website, who might have landed on my site through Pinterest to get a Sanskrit tattoo translation for the phrase ‘Forever & Always.’ It is a tricky phrase because both the words mean the same thing, but the only thing you have to take care is that the words used in Sanskrit translation are different, because the main motive of using these two words conveying the same meaning is to stress upon the idea of eternity.

So, here is the Sanskrit translation of the phrase ‘Forever & Always.’ It is pretty simple to remember and pronounce. For those users who are not comfortable in Devanagari, we have provided the Roman transliteration as per the IAST norms.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need a Sanskrit translation of a phrase that is close to your heart.

Forever & Always in Sanskrit

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