Dussehra Greetings in Sanskrit Language

Below are some of the Sanskrit greetings that can be used to convey your well wishes on the occasion of Dasara in Sanskrit:

Happy Dasara

शुभमयी दशहरा

Happy Vijaydashami

आनन्दमयी विजयदशमी

In the above two cases of Sanskrit Dasara greetings, you can use the words मङ्गलमयी or शुभकरी or कल्याणमयी can also be used at the place of शुभमयी or आनन्दमयी।

Wishing you a very very happy Dussehra


Sending lots of love on Dussehra

दशहरापर्वणि वितनोमि सुहृद्भावम्

May this Dussehra bring job and prosperity

दिशतु दशहरा प्रसन्नतां समृद्धिञ्च

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