Why do Indians Love Jackpot Games?

The online casino industry is new in India, at least if we look at other countries like the US and the UK. This is because gambling is well-regulated and organized in these regions and the market is already quite massive. However, in India, people are slowly learning about online casino games like slots, poker, roulette, etc. as the industry doesn’t get much support the government. That said, the demand for these games is only increasing, and at the top of the list is jackpot games. The question is, why?

Why do Indians Love Jackpot Games?

The following are some of the main reasons why jackpot games in India are becoming so popular:

1. They are for Everyone

There are some casino games like Poker and Blackjack that you can’t win purely with luck, at least most of the time. You need both skill and experience to win these games, even though the cash prizes can often be adequately big to make them attractive. Compared to these, jackpot games i.e. slots are much easier which is why people of all ages can play them without going through a learning curve. Plus, you don’t need to learn a whole lot of rules and strategies to win these games. There are only a few tips and strategies that you can delve into to win more often.

2. The Prizes are Super Attractive

The massive winning prizes are what make jackpot games so special. There are some slots that have prizes up to 9 to 10 crores INR! There are equally attractive sign-up bonuses as well which can go anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000. Your earnings depend on the platforms you pick and whether there are any new promotions going on.

3. The Range is Extensive

Jackpot games come in various themes and formats- some are based around popular Hollywood movies, while others around different sports, cities, superheroes, etc. This is why these games are able to cover a large demographic, and there is something for everyone.

4. They are Easily Accessible

Not everyone in India can go to Goa to play their favorite casino games as that the only place where you can find decent and legal land-based casinos. However, there are over 370 million smartphone users in India and more are joining at an exponential rate. These individuals can install popular casino apps on their devices and play to win real money, just like that!

Bottom Line

Let’s face it- the employment situation in India isn’t really the best. Even those who have jobs aren’t fully satisfied most of the time. This is why people are always looking for alternative/secondary sources of income. Since online jackpot games are able to provide them this opportunity, there is a natural attraction towards them in the public.

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