Just Looking Like a Wow Meaning in Hindi

I am sure you have heard the recent musical twist created by Yashraj Mukhate from a video a woman who is admiring her salwar kurta and seems almost drooling over the colors in which those outfits are available.

If not, here is the video he himself posted on Instagram:

But if you are wondering what is the meaning of the phrase “Just looking like a wow” in Hindi, it is simply meaning that it is looking very good–बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है या बहुत अच्छा दिख रहा है

The woman has used the word ‘wow’ as a noun instead of interjection but it does not change the meaning of the feeling that she wants to convey.

Yashraj is known for his witty twists of phrases into musical presentations which often become viral due to the hilarity and musical genius that he puts in.

This one is no exception, indeed!

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