Rasode Me Kon Tha Is Getting Popular

Yesterday, I thought of writing the meaning of this popular phrase ‘Rasode Me Kon Tha‘ in various languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu–the idea behind writing about this phrase was to try catching some viral traffic which may be searching for the meaning of this phrase if they don’t understand Gujarati and mix of Hindi.

And ,guess what?

The very next day, meaning today itself, I got a few people checking it out and from different countries too. Traffic came from UAE and Germany and of course India too.

I am guessing the phrase will remain in vogue for some time till people have exhausted their creative juices creating Rasode Me Kon Tha Memes and jokes and sharing it on social media channels.

So, if you are not sure and want to know its meaning in various languages, try reading these:

Rasode Me Kon Tha Meaning in English

Rasode Me Kon Tha Meaning in Hindi

Rasode Me Kon Tha Meaning in Punjabi

Rasode Me Kon Tha Meaning in Tamil

Rasode Me Kon Tha Meaning in Telugu

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