Garuda Gayatri in Sanskrit and English with Swara marks

We present the Sanskrit and English version of Garuda Gayatri with Swara marks for easy pronunciation. Garuda is the king of birds and is the revered vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Garuda is believed to carry the people to Vishnu-loka after their death.


Below is the English version of this mantra with swara marks.


4 thoughts on “Garuda Gayatri in Sanskrit and English with Swara marks”

    1. Hi Amit,

      Thanks for writing to us. It would be obviously great to have the meaning too. I am working on that and soon will be able to provide you with the same.

      1. Dear Vivek,
        Really appreciate the effort put in to collate the details, the script, and as Amit mentions, adding meaning of each shloka (and the purpose?) can make it more effective.
        I am very much interested in understanding our regular mantras that we chant during daily pooja..and few more like nava-grah stotra, atharvashirsh, Runamochan mangal stotra and most impressive- Ramraksha.
        I can only request if you can consider this list while thinking of putting the menaings.

        1. Dear Shreedhar,

          Thanks for writing to me. Well, I must confess that I don’t the exact significance of each word and am looking for someone to make it more meaningful by giving me insight so that I can present it here. I will be very happy to bring more knowledge to each of these mantras as we move ahead. Thanks once again!

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