Ganesh Gayatri–Mantra for Lord Ganesha in Sanskrit and English

Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganapati–the leader or the head of the Gana (which simply means a team). As per the legend, he is worshiped before starting any work or undertaking any task.

There is a popular saying in Hindi and various regional languages of India conveying this belief contextually–whenever somebody has to start a work or open something, he/she is asked like this: “Shri Ganesh kijiye or Shri Ganesh Karo“, which means ‘Start it’ but with a blessing or intention of being auspicious. Literally, Shri Ganesh Karna would mean to start!

We present the Gayatri mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha in Sanskrit and transliterated in English with swara marks.


The English transliteration of this mantra would be:


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