Interactive and Downloadable Pronunciation guide for Hindi Alphabet

Pronunciation Guide of Hindi Alphabet

Hindi alphabet contains lots of sounds that follow a definite pattern. The consonants are categorized according to their pronouncing style. There are lots of sounds that are produced by combining two consonants. Apart from this, there is a concept of using the half sound, which is prevalent is many other languages of the world. However, the complete letter has a conjunct sound of any consonant with the vowel अ. In Microsoft Windows, Mangal font is used for writing Hindi Alphabet.

Below is the list of Hindi Alphabet and some examples of English language where the same sound is used. It is noticeable here that all the sounds of Hindi Alphabet can’t be produced in English and therefore no potent example could be provided for them.

You can click on any image and see the content of that image in a bigger format. These images are prepared to give a bigger view for pronunciation guide of Hindi Alphabet.

4 thoughts on “Interactive and Downloadable Pronunciation guide for Hindi Alphabet”

  1. I would like to know the anglicised pronunciation of this word:
    Have you considered a ‘search’ mechanism on your site that would provide pronunciation for sanskrit/hindi words?

  2. Hi,

    The pronunciation would be: In-dra-dh-nush. I hope you understand the sounds of these words while coming together. “dra” would be one sound with soft “d” and the sound of “r” mixing with it. Then you need to pronounce the “dh” with soft sound and “nush” could be pronounced as together.

    Well, thanks for suggesting a sort of thing–search mechanism. I have not thought about it yet but yes, it could be a good idea and perhaps help my visitors understand the language better and in an easier way. Somebody suggested to do an audio version of the guide so that all the sounds could be understood clearly. I am thinking on those lines also.

    Feel free to contact if you have more questions. Thanks!

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