Visiting Langkawi for One Day While Traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am sure your wanderlust must be tempted to experience the thrill of the world’s largest cable car in Langkawi if you are traveling to Malaysia for any reason. Well, I was when I traveled to Kuala Lumpur for a family vacation of a week last November. Because it looked exciting and not-to-be-missed, I planned a one-day tour from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi and by all means, it went well because of careful planning, availability of services, and also by God’s grace (!).

There are many tourist’s attractions in Langkawi but almost all of them were similar to what KL had to offer apart from the beaches (there are no beaches in Kuala Lumpur), and therefore, we decided to focus on what was unique–the Langkawi SkyCab. We did visit the beach too!

So, we were staying in Seri Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and we hired a taxi to the Airport by Grab App. We flew with AirAsia to Langkawi for an hour and reached the Langkawi Airport in the morning. Like almost everywhere in Malaysia, we found ourselves in trouble because of non-availability of vegetarian food options, and Langkawi Airport was no exception. So, it is always a good option to carry some food items if you are also a vegetarian.

Upon arrival, I again hired a taxi through Grab and asked the driver to head directly to the SkyCab. However, he mentioned that the cable car was under scheduled maintenance and would open at 12 in the noon. So, we went to Pantai Cenang, one of the busiest beaches on the Island, and luckily we found quite a few vegetarian food options there.


After spending some time there, we headed towards the cable car and found a lot of rush there because of the maintenance hours–a lot of people had gathered by the time it resumed operations. Now, the trick part was to buy the type of ticket. We went with the basic one. It offered standard gondola, 3D Art Langkawi, SkyRex and SkyDome. Do not go for glass bottom gondola, which is expensive because the glass is stained and does not offer the view that you wish for. A lot of visitors who bought it later used the normal gondolas while coming back because they said it did not matter and had no special visual advantage.

3D Art Langkawi is a rare treat to watch and you should spend a considerable time there. SkyDome and SkyRex are also nice especially for kids.

The gondola takes you to the middle base, and then you have to change the gondola once you are ready to go to the upper base. There, you can buy the ticket if you want to visit the SkyBridge, which we did not because it was very crowded and we were a bit tired by then. The weather was cool but because of the clouds, we could not take better pictures of the surrounding scenery.

The ride is the gondola is very smooth and slow and gives ample time to marvel the experience and scenery around. We spent almost half an hour in total and came back. There is an ice-cream parlor at the top where you can enjoy some ice-cold delicacies.

One of the best things in Langkawi cable car is the shopping options and food options. We had not eaten a proper Indian food till then but we found a restaurant that offered Indian food menu and we just relished the taste so much there. Also, the vending machines offer cheap coca-cola cans that you can buy at half a price than what it costs in India.

After shopping and resting for a while, we booked out taxi back to the Langkawi Airport and boarded our flight to come back to Kuala Lumpur and again took a taxi to our hotel.

Overall, it was a very decent trip and we liked it very much given that we only planned it as a one-day tour.

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