5 Extremely Difficult Things to do in Modern Tennis

Tennis is not the fastest racket game in the world (badminton is) but it does offer one of the most exhilarating experiences that any sport can. Unlike many games that are more popular in only a few countries, Tennis is played almost across the globe. You will have players from North America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa and South America dominating the world of Tennis.

In the modern context, when the gentlemen’s game revolves more or less around the three champions of the game, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, there are some extremely difficult things that are going on and becoming increasingly visible as the days pass by. They are not the impossibility but definitely a rarity.

Defeating Rafael Nadal in a French Open match. Do I even need to go in the record details and everything that he has done there? No doubt, it is considered one of the most difficult things to do in Tennis.

Winning a tie-breaker against Roger Federer. Considered as one of the best players to ever play the game, Roger is believed to possess the best of service in the game. As you might have noticed even in his 10th win at Halle Open, winning a tie-break against Roger is very very difficult.

Serving an ace against Novak Djokovic. Termed as one of the best returner, Novak creates opportunities where others might have just given up while returning a serve. He flexibility and ability makes it extremely hard to serve an ace.

Taking sides in a match where one player is Del Potro. If you watch Cricket, you will have the same feeling with the team of West Indies. Though you may want your favorite team to win, you will feel bad because West Indies will lose. Similar is the case with Juan Martin Del Potro–the darling of every Tennis fan. It is almost impossible to hate him.

Finding a Grand Slam Winner in the future generation. While this will eventually materialize as the time pass, presently, it is difficult to imagine anyone else than the Big Three winning a Grand Slam Title. I mean a lot of promising players have shown their mettle in various ATP 500 and ATP 1000 tournaments, but when it comes to the Grand Slams, it is extremely difficult to pick a decisive champion among the immediate future generation of Tennis players. It is sad for the game but equally awe-inspiring in terms of the dedication and zeal to win that the Big Three carry.

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