Why travelling to Brazil should be at the top of your list


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Although a domestic stay in one of the superb hotels throughout India appeals, it’s entirely understandable for people to want to experience the culture and all-around offering from another country for a week or two. For many, Brazil is the perfect option for a variety of reasons. 

The South American country offers natural beauty that immediately attracts people to it, but it also has a vibrancy and party culture that many other countries simply don’t. Alongside this, Brazil is known for its pristine beaches, glorious weather, and a selection of famous landmarks and outdoor experiences that are capable of creating memories. Brazil is a massive country, though, so knowing where to go and what to do can be tricky. So, with that in mind, let’s assess some of the best things you can do in Brazil once you get there. 

Experience the amazing carnival in Rio 

You’ll have to time it to perfection, but Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is well worth experiencing. Taking place every year towards the end of February, it’s one of the craziest parties in the world and one of the many reasons why Brazil’s party culture and energy are so famous. A free carnival to enjoy as it moves through the streets of the city; you simply have to go if you get the chance. Be sure to book tickets for the Sambadrome, too. 

Enjoy a relaxing stay in Pipa 

Not everyone ventures abroad to experience city life. If you’re keen to find somewhere that oozes tranquility, then Pipa is the place. A tiny town with a glorious array of beaches, people can surf there, relax on the sand with a good book, or switch off with a spot of yoga. Pipa isn’t filled with activities and nightlife, but if you want to unwind in a peaceful Brazilian location, then it’s the perfect spot. 

Visit Manaus in the Amazon rainforest

Somewhat understandably, most people associate Brazil with skilful soccer players, Samba dancing, and the world-famous Amazon rainforest. In fact, the Amazon is so famous that there have been countless movies filmed there, books and documentaries based on life there, and even slot games like Amazon Wild. People have also ventured to the Amazon from Manaus in an attempt to see the array of wildlife on offer in what is a truly magical landscape. Once you get to Manaus, there are plenty of tours to go on, from Pink Dolphin tours to fishing boats. The most diverse region in the world, exploring the Amazon rainforest is a must when in Brazil. 

Take in the stunning Iguazu Falls


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Regarded by many as the best waterfall on the planet, Iguazu Falls has to be added to your itinerary. With its 275 waterfalls being surrounded by lush greenery, it’s top of many peoples’ lists when visiting the country. Located in the very south of Brazil on the border with Argentina, Iguazu Falls is capable of being enjoyed either on ground level or in the skies by helicopter. 

Watch a soccer match 

It depends on where you are in the country and whether or not the soccer season is still taking place, but experiencing a soccer match in Brazil is an amazing adventure. A country that adores the beautiful game, most towns and cities have a team you can potentially get tickets for, although the biggest clubs in the country with the best atmosphere on offer include the likes of Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo, Vasco, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos, and Gremio. 

Other things to do include exploring Chapada Diamantina National Park and beach hopping in Ilha Grande. 

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