How to save on international package for mobile and internet data in Malaysia

While traveling to Malaysia for a week, I was looking to opt for the weekly international roaming pack provided by Jio. It was to cost me 2500/- but because I was to stay in Malaysia for a week, I thought of activating it once I reach Malaysia using Airport Wifi that I hope I will get at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Once I landed there, to my surprise, after switching on my mobile, I noticed that Jio provides international roaming for free, though there would be separate charges for calls, SMS,¬†and data–at least the phone was working. This made me think why I would go for a pack–I can switch on mobile data whenever I need it and switch is off when I have the access to wi-fi or does not need it at all!

Well, my decision was correct. I did not activate any pack and went on my gut.

So, how did I save on data?

I needed data mostly while booking a taxi through the Grab app. Whenever I was at hotel, I used their wifi. Once I booked the cab and went inside the cab, I did not need any internet connection because Grab shows you the price at the time of booking and the same price you have to pay once you reach your destination. So, I did that and didn’t need to use any mobile data. I used the mobile data, which was actually costly, only when I had to hail a ride back to my hotel from the tourist spot or the place that I was visiting like the KLCC Aquarium, Zoo Negara, Masjid Negara, KLIA, or any other similar spot in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, I did the same thing when I visited Langkawi including Pantai Cenang and also the SkyCab there.

Kuala Lumpur, being a developed city, did offer this benefit of Google Maps that are quite accurate and precise locations are given the taxi-hailing app, which lets you know the price of your ride quite nicely.

Overall, for the week, I did not spend more than 500 INR on data because various spots, restaurants, and obviously my hotel provided me with free wi-fi. If you want to save on data during your international travel, you may also try this same option depending upon your requirements.

So, if you are visiting Malaysia for a week for leisure and travel activities with your family, you may choose not to avail any international package, and just use mobile data whenever you need it.

Just make sure that you all your status updates on FB or Twitter once you have the wifi only because there is hardly any point using your mobile data on such activities.

I am not sure about Airtel or other service providers but Jio served my purpose quite well.

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