How to Travel to a Hotel in Kuala Lumpur from Airport (KLIA)

KLIA to Hotel Transportation

This is one of the questions that I had on my mind when I decided to visit Malaysia for a family trip and was gathering all type of information. Being on a relatively moderate budget, I was thinking of saving a few Malaysian Ringgits wherever I could. However, there was no direct information–everybody suggested to take buses or rails to some central location and a taxi from there. However, booking a taxi from Uber or Grab was always an option, but it was not that cheap.

Well, I took the chance of booking the bus from KLIA2 directly to the hotel–the lady dispensing the tickets said ‘talk to the driver’ but issued me a ticket of RM 18. I talked to the ticket checker and he said they will take me directly to the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised but was still skeptic about it. However, after some time, they halted the bus at a stop where everybody else got down and asked me to board a Limo which had other passengers from different hotels and they took us to our individual hotels.

Star Shuttle Bus service is an excellent choice if you have booked a decent hotel in Kuala Lumpur and want a cheap transport option from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

I was staying in Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur and they seem to know the hotel quite well. The overall operation of the bus operators was excellent and there was not a single issue that I faced–in fact, I was so relieved to have my first experience in the city so nicely done.

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