Review of Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur

On my first trip to Malaysia and more so with my family, I was very particular and skeptic about choosing a good hotel for stay, food, and also access to various points of the city, apart from reaching the hotel itself comfortably from the Airport. I had done quite a lot of research and reading on the internet and various travel sites and had also read various feedbacks given by the previous users. For some reasons, including affordable budget, I chose this hotel.

Well, overall, I would rate Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur 4 out of 5 on almost all the points, and feel quite satisfied with my stay and all the facilities that they provide. Maybe, if I get the chance to revisit the beautiful City, I would like to stay in this hotel itself provided I do not have any other better offers regarding budget and food.

Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A budget 5-star hotel

Well, though the hotel is in the category of a 5-star hotel, from the budget itself, you will guess that it is not that luxurious one–their rates are very high, and expectedly the experience also (though I am not sure). However, I would say that it still gives all the feel of a 4-star hotel, which is good enough.


The reception lobby of the hotel is spacious and big, and the receptionists are friendly. As per the government law, every hotel charges an additional 10 RM per night once you check-in the hotel, which you can pay in cash or through the credit card. Seri Pacific Hotel is no exception to this rule, and they charged me for the six nights that I stayed there.

Reception Lobby of Seri Pacific Hotel

There is no welcome drink or tea served though they keep a plain lemonade at the table and you can help yourself if you need to drink some water.

Luggage was delivered in the room nicely by the porters.

RoomsWindow view of Seri Pacific Hotel

The rooms were excellent, clean, and spacious. We had a small fridge, a hair-dryer, an iron, and a stand, a torch, TV with cable, and coffee maker at our disposal included in the package. This is where I liked it–they did not charge for extra coffee pouches and creamers, and also provided a water bottle daily for all of us individually without asking for it.

The room service ensured that things were neat and clean whenever we went out sightseeing. A litterbin was provided separately for the room and cleaned daily.

The bathroom had a separate shower area. The bath-tub had the toilet attached. The toiletries were supplied nicely, and on a daily basis, fresh towels were provided. We had toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and body wash provided in a good number to make sure we feel fresh whenever we needed to use the bathroom or have a bath. Warm water was available 24-hours throughout our stay.

The only issue I found, which I noticed in many other hotels also, there was no ventilation for the smell in the toilet, which is usually a put-off. Also, the auto-wash was a strange one and not very convenient when it came to children using it. Overall, I would say, they could improve the washroom experience.

Another thing we did not like was the noise of the toilet and washroom water of the next room, which was too much to bear. Whenever someone used the washroom in the next room, we heard the sound of the water running.

View and scenery outside the window were nice–we could see the famous Twin Towers almost daily shining against the blue sky and also lit during the night.


Food court of the Seri Pacific Hotel had received a lot of praise from almost all the customers especially the breakfast buffet, though I would not overrate it–it was okay, to be frank, and particularly for vegetarian customers, there was no wow moment or dish. It is surprising though that the hotel receives a lot of vegetarian guests; it has a limited offer of meals when it comes to vegetarianism, which is a problem prevalent throughout Malaysia.

Breakfast was included in my package, but I found the space crowded and the replenishment of the items was slow–often, you had to ask for various basic items and even had to wait. The staff was nice though. Lunch and dinner were costly. We preferred to eat outside.


The hotel provides free access to a swimming pool separately for adults and children, also provide towels there. Occupants can also use a gym if they choose to. There is a variety of food courts available where, depending on the choice of the occupants, they could pay and eat. They also have a travel desk, a laundry desk and also help you with your general queries about the city.

Access and ease of reaching

One of the best thing about the hotel and the location of the hotel that I found was the ease of the access right from the airport and also from various sightseeing spots throughout Kuala Lumpur. It was easy to reach the hotel from KLIA because almost everybody knew about the hotel. Also, whenever I booked a Grab-taxi, it arrived just in front of the hotel lobby and even dropped me there on my way back.

Further, a metro station is just a 2-minute walk from the hotel, and also a Shopping Mall.

Overall, the hotel is a pleasant stay if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur for the first time with your family and friends.

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