A ghastly murder story and insane work of police

As a father of a 3-year old daughter, I can’t ever imagine such a thing happening to anybody even in the wildest of my imagination. The whole story of Aarushi murder case is such soul-jolting experience, but the justice is still far from served.

Talvar, the film, sheds light on so many of the facts that are connected to this case. I have not pursued this case when the media took the trial in their hands, but after watching the movie, I could easily sense that the initial investigation done by the police department was utterly irresponsible, shoddy and unprofessional. Had they done their duty properly, the case could have been solved years ago, and justice served. The clichéd image of the police often playing a devil’s role is highlight in the movie with appropriate technical under notes.


Who knows who is guilty and who is a culprit, but it could have been clear white & black if the police had done bit.

Then, as they say, destiny plays a major role in how the events take place. I could see that the conviction was forced on the parents though the evidences were circumstantial and not substantial. The films also points out how some intra-departmental issues with the investigation teams has disturbed the case.

It has been close to seven years since the double murder case happened but till now, no clear evidence or charges have emerged.

The films shows a lot of close-circle talks between officials and how the trial went ahead involving lots of people including family, friends, colleagues, domestic helps, different teams involved in the investigation, etc. What one can see is how people sometimes have an inhuman approach to something so poignant that they keep on making fun of the facts, though they may sound inappropriate and shameful.

It’s not right to punish one innocent person though ten culprits may go untapped.

This is the message that the film wants to convey; however, our justice system has failed to clearly distinguish between who is guilty and who is not—the case is closed in a non-transparent way.

I was intrigued to watch this movie, and I really liked the depths it shows regarding the whole case. I would recommend you to watch it. You can official trailer here to get a vibe of the content.

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