Why does Uber’s Digital Marketing Manager need to learn Hindi?

It’s clear that Uber is going through a rough patch, and unfortunately, nothing right is happening for them. Almost every week, there are some news about their drivers doing nasty things to or with women passengers. There have been a mixed response among the users about banning them after the rape case in Delhi registered against one of their drivers.

However, Uber has tried every bit to recreate the magic that it promised when it started its operations in India.

The problem that we are discussing here is more to do with their digital marketing team. It is trying to capture good and more educated drivers who would be using Facebook. (!) Their Facebook campaign to attract drivers is a unique one, but again unfortunately, totally flawed and all over the place.

The digital marketing manager of Uber needs to learn Hindi, seriously. The spelling mistakes, the grammatical issues and then the UX issue from the designer.

Here are three boost posts that came in my Facebook feed:

Uber 2

Uber 3



The creative of these three posts are riddled with spelling mistakes, glaring grammatical issues and the UX is totally messed up.

I don’t know what Uber is doing by running such campaigns–what kind of ROI you can expect from such kind of scratchy campaign on social media. In my opinion, it helps only in killing the brand value and losing credibility.

What say you?

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