Startups don't worship false gods

Well, this is a contextual way of saying that in startup culture, you will not get office politics and false gods worshiped just to create an impression on you. In startups, a boss may be wrong. It is excellence that matters in startup culture and not legacy.

I know about such a culture from a personal experience, where a guy who was not given appraisal because of bad performance of his product. But he was praised in the off-site business presentation (the guy eventually left the company) as the one who passed on the legacy to the present team. Though the person did not leave just because he was not given a good appraisal, but why create such a false image of a person!

It’s about the culture that you are creating across all the people that you are heading. They will be led to believe that if we work like that guy, we will be in good books of our boss, which actually was not the case.

I know it might not even be a company culture but a boss who does not care about the person when he was working under him, and referring to him as a hero when he left the job, is a curious one to me. No?

Startups are saved from such drama–a hero is a hero there and a zero does not have any space in that culture.

You have to perform. You have to learn and perform. And that’s what you are hired for by a startup.

If you differ on this opinion, please share your views.

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