Dance your way to glory

Dance is a unique art form. It is among the few art forms where the art and artists are really one. A song can be enjoyed even if the singer is not there. A painting can be marvelled if the painter in not there. A poem can be read if the write is not present. But not the dance—you will be seeing the dancer himself/herself becoming the dance itself.

All over the world, people have created various forms of the dance based on movements, aestheticism, and expressions. There seems to be no limit on the creative aspect of this art form—you can keep experimenting and innovating, and contribute to the existing dance forms and evolve them accordingly.

The Dance Bible

In the modern age, dance, apart from live performances, have taken the online and television world by storm. There are even reality shows that focus particularly on dance. Without doubt, these platforms give a tremendous boost to the career of unheard dancers, who would have not enjoyed the limelight or even the needed exposure for their betterment.

At such a point, internet throws a host of opportunities to someone who is passionate about this art form. This is where The Dance Bible offers you a great chance. It’s a portal that envisions collaborating dancers, choreographers, educators and everybody who is interesting in dance. The portal offers uploading your own portfolio, connecting with other dancers, knowledge forum through the discussions, etc.

In the dance portfolio section, it allows the dancers, freelancers and even schools to upload their profile so that interested people can connect to you. It’s like creating a vibrant sanctuary of dance lovers across the globe to connect through an online portal. Overall, it is a complete package where a community could thrive.

I personally am not a dancer but I am huge fan of this art form. I have many friends online who are professional dancers in various dance forms. They even live in different countries touring and performing regularly to different audiences. I hope they would also enjoy such efforts to promote the collaboration between dancers and institutions across the world for the benefit of everybody.

Check their FB page too.

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