What is waterfall called in Sanskrit

It is always interesting to know different names and meanings of a particular object in Sanskrit. Oftentimes, it is revealing and related to some sort of intriguing insight.

I have always found that there are more than one names of an object in Sanskrit–some of them are direct and some are indirect.

Like any other object, waterfall also has multiple names in Sanskrit.

For the ease of users who don’t know how to read Devnagiri script, we have provided Roman transliteration too.

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Sanskrit Transliteration
निर्झरः Nirjharaḥ
झरः Jharaḥ
वारिप्रवाहः Vāripravāhaḥ
सरः Saraḥ
सरी Sarī
झा Jhā
जलनिर्गमः Jalanirgamaḥ

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