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Svastha YogaSvastha Yoga and Health is a series of classes, workshops and retreats hosted by Nina at two separate sites in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Australia) and Nusa Lembongan, Bali (Indonesia).

The origins of Svastha

In Sanskrit, the word svastha means a state of complete health and balance or being oneself or in one’s natural state: -kitta, a. sound in mind, -tâ, f. well-being, health, ease; -sthâna, n. own place, home. Svastha Yoga was developed by the legendary 20th century yogi, Sri T. Krishnamacharya who was a master of yoga, a reputed healer, and a scholar of all Indian philosophies.

Why Svastha yoga

Nina, the principal of Svastha Yoga, adopted the ‘residing within yourself‘ philosophy of Svastha to guide her yogic path. For years Nina studied sociology, philosophy and psychology. She practiced as a counsellor, did martial arts, and was a massage therapist before she finally decided to embrace her inner capacity to heal. Nina believes that by engaging the three vital elements of body, mind and breath, practitioners of Svastha yoga can achieve their full potential to reside within themselves, “to stand firmly on the ground and rest in the knowledge of origin”.

The benefits of Tantric Hatha

Her vast experience and extensive travel and exploration has lead Nina to the Tantric Hatha practice, which she uses to facilitate healing, strengthening and playful life lessons for herself and her students, and propel them towards a state of complete balance, roundedness, wholeness, and fullness of being.

What to expect

Nina has facilitated solo yoga immersions and runs regular workshops. She guides 300hr teacher trainings at Jungleyoga. Her arm balances are inspired by Larry Schultz’ Rocket yoga.

In her lessons and workshops, she uses Tantric Hatha to constantly find and test internal and physical limits, which emphasizes physical alignment, and mental and spiritual well-being. Tailored to the individual needs of the students, her classes are different each and every time.

Varied and detailed, Nina’s classes emphasises practices that use breath and intention to maximise the longevity of yoga, and loves the conscious-inducing, mind-focusing qualities of inversions and mantras. She works with playful asana, pranayama, meditation, visualisation and a healthy dose of fun.

She focuses on balancing strength and intention with flexibility and growth in self-awareness and self-exploration. Her intention is to let each student explore postures and deepen their knowledge of their body’s needs and abilities, and there by enhance the alertness and appreciation of their own body and mind.

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