Flavoring cocktails with Indian spices

Have you ever considered cocktails with Indian spices as a searching criterion while going through a website that is your destination ‘Pub Finder in India‘? Well, it sounds very odd but there are various cocktail recipes that are based on Indian spices. If you are really crazy about trying new cocktail flavors that are not available in majority of pubs, you can bet that adding some specific Indian spices can give you that edge.

Saffron and cardamom are considered almost staple additions by many cooks when it comes to serving cocktails in India, but there are many other aromatic seasonings that have found the patronage of many bartenders.


Don’t pretend stunned if somebody serves you a drink that is mixed with garam masala. Yes, you heard it right! Garam masala, a combination of clove, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and black pepper) is being used to give that tinge in the flavor of your drink. There is another addition which involves curry leaf tincture.

Other spices and herbs that are being tried include green cardamom, basil, tamarind, kewda water, etc. I am very interested to know if somebody tries their combinations to add more Indian flavor based on geography like different spices from different parts of India. It would be an amazing combination just to even try such kind of stuff, which will be carrying the nation’s flavor though still being popular across the world, just like chai is.

The idea behind all this experimentation is to give that extra Indian touch, which is becoming popular across the world. There are some pubs in USA, which are already making news in the industry with newly crafted drinks.

It just a matter of some wild thinking and creative mixing of Indian spices that will give you a wonderful new flavor. You can try it yourself and with your friends too before you can think of serving it to your clients or pubgoers. Just make sure you try nothing of such sorts that include alcohol with children—you have tolive responsiblywhen it comes to the question of consuming alcohol or any such drink which is inappropriate for children.



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