Review of Facebook advertisement by Instapage and Outbrain

Facebook advertisement is a very lucrative and potentially fulfilling way of marketing–it has grown in humongous measure in the recent past. Big players and small publishers alike have used it to market their products and websites.

The bane of marketers is the strategy with which a Facebook advertisement should be served to the audience. There are multiple technical things that you need to take care, of course, but when it comes to strategic planning, you can’t simply by-pass the requirement. You have to strategize and make sure you are engaging the audience.

We will analyze two FB ads that were served on my timeline. This analysis will give a fair amount of dissertation as to what works and what not.


Just check this ad:


As a marketers, as a web-owner, as a product manager, you’ll be intrigued to know what is not getting you the ROI. What’s the reason you are not getting what you are looking for! The ad has all the elements–good and explanatory creative, inviting headline, and of course an interesting description.

Simply put, that’s all you need when it comes to ¬†strategy.

Instapage is about landing pages and they are giving you an informational piece about landing pages and how to optimize them. Even if you are not motivated enough to register with them, you will be interested enough to read the article. The probability of your signing up with them increases once you are on their website and are reading the article.


Look at this ad.



It’s surprising to know that a content marketing platform is marketing on another content marketing platform–enormity and potential of Facebook advertisement is validated here. Remember Linkedin also pushed their platform through Facebook for some time!

Anyways, back to the ad.

Outbrain is pushing the advertisers to use their platform. They are costly when it comes to comparing them with Facebook.

The ad’s creative is logical but there is nothing great in the concept. The headline also is banal and it looks like a pure advertisement rather than inviting a user to click and get to know more about Outbrain.

It would be a cliche to say that user acquisition is lowest when it comes to cold advertisement as compared to engagement and curiosity driven ads on social media.

Words of Wisdom

Facebook advertisement is highly economical and carries great potential when it comes to ROI, but it’s extremely tricky too. Take it seriously and put the best strategic brains behind it–content guys would be the best bets!

Make it relevant to the audience and get as engaging as you can. You can surely win it!

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